Experiences of Friendly Ghosts

Hi everyone

Just wondered whether anyone has experienced the feeling of friendly ghosts being around them.

I had an experience when my next door neighbour passed away. I was baby sitting his kids a couple of weeks afterwards. I put the 8 and 4 year old to bed and then all of a sudden the 8 yr old ran down the stairs saying that her dad was sat at the end of her bed. I ran upstairs and there was nothing there but the dog was whimpering at the end of her bed and wet himself which he has never done in the house before. Also, when I went back to my house the lights in the hallway were flashing on and off. Very odd. Not frightening though. Thi happened around 6 years ago and I reckon he was checking on his kids that they were ok before he moved over to the other side.

Shazzie xx

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My credit card was used fraudulently yesterday. Three of the fraudulent attempts were for Cancer Research UK. My husband died from cancer in May and it was his birthday yesterday.

That is the sort of thing that makes you think that those who have passed are trying to let us know they are around. I find this really reassuring. I know some people are frightened by things like this.

I hope you got the fraudulent attempts sorted and I hope it wasn’t too painful for you yesterday on your husband’s birthday.


Hi Shazzie,

my experiance was more of a feeling of a ‘presence’ it will be 19 years ago in january i lost my husband, a few weeks after he died i was having a rest,and all of a sudden i felt him right there in the room with me,it was such a powerful feeling too and it really spooked me at the was just that once, i told my mum about it ,and she said that he had come to make sure i was ok. i also feel my Mum around us a lot too.she always said i would do…

J x

I have been troubled by a ghost, but not a friendly one. That is, I couldn’t say for certain it was unfriendly, as I didn’t get the impression it had set out on purpose to frighten me - but it did, just by being there!

The strange thing was, that going purely by what I sensed, rather than anything I can pin down, I thought it was scared of me too!

The closest parallel I can think of is when I left the house one day, in broad daylight, and unexpectedly came face-to-face with a fox. I don’t know which of us was more surprised - me or the fox. The fox is obviously sentient, yet not like us, and I had the same feeling about the ghost.

Later (and after considerable research) I learnt there had been a terrible tragedy at that place, about four years previously. Something I could not have known beforehand (it doubtless must have made the news at the time, but if I had made any mental connection, it definitely wasn’t consciously).

I once spoke to a psychologist about it (although I hadn’t gone there for that). I suppose I was always a bit worried it might mean I was mad, so I took the opportunity to mention it.

He said I was much too rational to be insane, and he would lay money on it I never would be. To my surprise, he seemed to have some religious or spiritual belief (though I never found out exactly what it was), and accepted what I’d seen at face value. He said that sometimes, when a person dies a sudden and unexpected death, they don’t understand that they have died. Apparently, instead of screaming: “Who are you? Get out! GET OUT!”, which is what I did, I should have said gently: “It’s OK, you’ve died.”

Too late now, and I don’t suppose I’ll be faced with a similar situation in future, so I won’t have the opportunity to try his advice.

If I had to put a name to what I was feeling from the ghost, I think the single word I’d choose would not be: “malevolent”, but: “uncomprehending”. I felt he/it was uncomprehending of me (as if we were ghosts to each other), but it might have been that my psychologist was right, and he/it was uncomprehending of everything - including that he had died.

If that was indeed the case, I feel sorry that I presumably made matters worse by screaming at it, as it was probably just looking for help, and wouldn’t have understood why I took such fright. It certainly never occurred to me to say: “It’s OK, you’ve died.”



When I was a little girl. Sometimes in the morning when I was coming down the stairs, someone…not physical! Would pick me up and carry me down the rest of the stairs…like a game.

Years later, I found out it used to happen to one of my sister’s.

Many spooky things used to happen in that house. Not long after, the people who moved in brought in the local priest to do a exorcism. The story was printed in the local town newspaper.

Have a lovely day

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Oh J. That is bit like what the little 8 year old was experiencing but she could actually site her dad sat at the bottom of her bed.

Anita that is a bit frightening. You must have been scared. When I was at work I mentioned it to people I worked with and it was fascinating how many people had experienced things like this.

Shazzie xx

It’s in the family - my dad used to get similar experiences, and didn’t bat an eyelid when I told him.

And he was as cool and analytical as anyone can be - his degree was in chemistry and statistics, and he was an industrial chemist by profession. NOT the sort of person who is fanciful and impressionable.

He never talked about it much, or seemed very curious about what he’d seen, or how or why he’d seen it. He seemed to accept it as just an occasional thing that happens. I don’t remember him even showing much interest in what the religious implications might be. He seemed to treat it as just part of nature. I don’t think it worried him, particularly, but he didn’t seem keen to explore it further, or to develop his perceptive powers. I’ve really no idea what he thought about it. Now he’s no longer with us, I realise I’ve no idea what he thought about a lot of things. I didn’t know what to have said at his funeral, as it was unclear whether he believed in God or an afterlife, despite having these experiences. We gave him a Christian funeral, because he was, at least nominally, a member of the Church of England, but I really don’t know if it was appropriate, because he’d never spoken about what he believed, or what he wanted.



That is genuinely bizarre! What kind of fraudster steals to give to charity? Unless they fancy themselves as some sort of modern-day Robin Hood.

Although I suppose they might have been doing a couple of test transactions, and thought: “Well nobody will smell a rat, if we first give to charity.”

It does seem a little strange though, and perhaps a mix-up or computer glitch, rather than intentionally fraudulent. Or perhaps something else altogether…

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That’s fascinating Noreen.

You have a nice day too



My mum’s house has a ghost who we called Dorothy as she was the lady that lived (and died) in the house before us. She would mainly be noticed in my bedroom and on the stairs and landing (and smell cigarette smoke, even though no one smoked (Dorothy smoked about 60 a day apparently)). She made herself known even before we moved in, when we were doing some work on the house…every time we went into the house, the kettle would be boiling even if we had unplugged it when we left. It just seemed a bit odd and although it was discussed, it was put down to workmen and or the electrics etc.

Once we moved in I used to often feel someone sit on the edge of my bed at night and if I was facing the window, I would hear someone flicking through the pages of whatever book or magazine I had next to the bed. I would also feel someone standing behind me and my stereo used to mute itself randomly. I would also loose things a lot and say to mum, have you seen (whatever object it was), she would say no and I’d go back into my room and it wold be in the middle of the floor!

I kept it to myself for a while but eventually asked if the rest of the family thought we had a ghost. My dad said "Don’t be soft, there’s no such thing!), my sister said "well I always feel like someone follows me up the stairs then stands outside my room!) and my mum said “Oh you’ve noticed her too…I think it’s Dorothy that used to live here.” Then someone walked across my bedroom floor, stomping enough to make the light in the living room tremble. My mum and I said O.K. Dorothy we’ve got the message, my sister cried and my dad said bloody hell I thought it was all in your heads!

Over the years she seemed to be around less often but would (and still does) always come back if anything in the house changes. Almost like she wants to approve what has been done. Once she even slammed the door on my dad while he was decorating as once again me, my mum and sister had noticed her around and he’d dismissed it…the door banged shut, so he opened it again and used a full tin of paint to hold it open, got to the other side of the room…the door banged shut again so the though “it’s must be the wind, cos the windows are open”, so went over and shut the door properly (clicked shut), went back over to the other side of the room to carry on at which point the door flew open and closed about 4 times! After he’d composed himself he said “o.k. o.k. I believe you Dot, just let me get on with this, you’ll like it once it’s done” and all was quiet from then on.

The strange thing is that although it sounds quite scary, it was actually quite calming and nice to know that she was around watching over things. Even now when I visit, I can sometimes fell her around and will mention it only for my dad to say “your mum said the same thing this morning!”.



Oh Sue. She must have loved living there, which is probably why she doesn’t want to leave. It’ funny your dad hasn’t felt her around. Mind you, I believe that non believers won’t feel or see anything because they only contact those who believe,

Thanks for replying. Really interesting.

Shazzie xx

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Hiya, ghosts, or presence, are here, a few years ago I was visiting my dad in hospital, he looked right past me into a corner and said, what’s my dad doing here, I knew there and then that he wouldn’t last the night, for my grandfather had been dead for more than forty years. Sure enough next morning a nurse phoned me to inform me my dad had passed away during the night. Some may say, we see what we want to see, but, who can say, Brian

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Brian. You have just reminded me of exactly the same thing happening the night before my aunt passed away 12 years ago.

She was in hospital very poorly and all of a sudden she pointed to the ceiling and said “you can tell him to go away because I’m not ready to go yet”. Apparently, it was her husband who had died a few years earlier.

Next day my mum had a call from the hospital to say she had passed.



7 years ago, when my Dad was fading fast in hospital, they managed to move him to a ‘private’ room and just before he passed, he seemed absolutely mesmerized by one corner of his room.

Couldn’t see anything there and he never spoke out loud …but whatever he could see caused his eyes to widen.

We lost him within a couple of days.

Still talk to him quite often and imagine he’s with me …that must be a treat for him, eh?


Awww Dom. It is so nice that you still chat with him. Who knows eh if he can hear you. I am sure he can. I have heard this corner of the ceiling thing so many times. It makes you wonder whether those who have already passed come to collect their loved ones. I hope so!!



i have loads of tales to tell on this subject.

first of all i was taught not to be afraid of the dead by my great aunt. “they won’t hurt you, it’s the living who do that”.

when my nan was having lots of falls and was sick and tired of being in hospital, i went to see her at her house one day.

she said “cliff’s been”. cliff was my grandad who died when my mum was 9 yrs old.

so being a straight-talking 16 year old i said “do you mean my grandad?”

she said yes. then i gently told her that cliff had died some time ago.

she said “i know that but he has been!”

i felt a strong certainty that she was tired of life although she didnt die until the year after.

then when my lovely, wonderful mum died suddenly of an anuerysm aged 53, there were a few moments when my belief was strengthened. my sons were aged 4 and 18 months at the time.

the week after mum died, jack (aged 4) told me that his nana beryl had been to see him.

i asked him what she had said and the things he said were exactly what mum would say.

i felt jealous that she hadnt come to me because i missed her so much.

then a few days later i was walking upstairs when i got a smell of freesias.

it wasnt until i said aloud “mm freesias” that i realised it was mum.

i used to buy her a bunch of freesias every payday and i put a bunch in her coffin.

so i absolutely believe in spirits of loved ones popping in to check on me.

my dearest friend died 2 years ago and sometimes if i have a problem or a worry, i will dream of her.

in the dream she doesnt say anything but the day after i know what i need to do about my problem/worry.

carole x

Oh Carole

That is absolutely fascinating. I totally agree with all that you have said. There must be some way that the spirits communicate as once you get people chatting about their experiences then it is amazing how many people experience these things.

Jen. I don’t want you to be scared by the stories. I must admit I find it reassuring but I totally get that it frightens some.

I love your avatar too.


if it is easier for you, just consider it talking to God.

i worked with a devout christian lady and one day i told her about talking to my mum’s spirit.

she gave me a hug and said “we call that praying”.

carole x

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One day, in the house I mentioned above. One of my sister’s who is a few years older than me-I was about 8 at the time, decided it would be a good idea to push me down the stairs.

Now, if you pushed someone from the top to the bottom of the stairs, it would be pretty messy…don’t you think?

Well, I never missed a step all the way down. I can remember looking down at my legs and they were moving up and down at great speed and felt like rubber. When I got to the bottom, I just turned round and stared at my sister and she was just looking down at me…neither of us said anything. That’s all I can remember.

Something about the stairs in that house. Whatever it was, it liked me