I did it!

Hi guys hope you are well!

Ok so i was a full-time carer for my elderly mum but sadly she passed away just before Christmas and since then 3 relapses later I have been told that I had to move to a more suitable home for me.

I had lived in my old house for 40yrs so as you can understand I was a bit sad to go after so long but it was a 3 bed 2 level house and I just couldn’t manage it anymore.

I got offered a new build 1 bed home that would be ideal for my situation so I reluctantly said yes only thing was it was 15 miles away but hey the adventure! What I didn’t realise was the 40 years of cr#@ I had to sort out but I did it all on my own without any help from anyone. Now I’m in and settled and all is well. Although it almost killed me!

This is hard for me to write this as I can’t stand ppl who talk themselves up but I am so very proud of my self even though I don’t know my way around yet or even know anyone but I’ll get there but never again!


Hi Shifty23, Please accept my condolences about your Mum. I understand that this will of been a very difficult time for you but well done you, you did it so go right ahead and build yourself up and why shouldn’t you as you’ve succeeded to get through two situations that are the most difficult for anybody to go through. I’m sure it won’t take you long to find your way round and meet new people and make new friends too. I understand that you were very sad but think of it as being a new adventure and a new chapter in your life, I’m sure you’ll be fine :slight_smile: Good-Luck & Take Care Twinkle Toes x


I don’t think it’s shameful to feel really proud of what you’ve achieved. Well done.

I think you’ve had a really crappy time over the last months, following the death of your mother. So the fact that you’ve managed to move, empty 4 decades worth of life in the same house, and be able and ready to start life again is magnificent.

You will get to know your way around, hopefully find new friends and a whole new life.

Good for you.


Shifty, be proud. Dealing with loved ones belongings is very very hard. Moving house is very stressful.

you have done both things on your own. So, what are you going to do next ? You must be a very special person to do that. Hope you are able to use the strength to do something you ‘want’ to do.

big big hugs

CONGRATULATIONS, never mind not talking yourself up, you deserve to shout out: I’ve overcome many problems, this was a big hurdle…BUT I’VE DONE IT, DONE IT WELL & DID IT ON MY OWN !!!I

Well done you!

Chrissie x

Bet your Mum is looking down and feeling SO proud of her daughter.

You are amazing.

Tippy x

We like encouragement here.

I’m sorry about your mum. I lost my dad in January.

Unconnected from this, I’m moving myself. My brothers sorted out my dad’s house and now I’m going into sheltered housing.

I actually live 280 miles away from my parental home.

Your post has given me the boost I need.



shifty well done you. I am facing similar. My hubby died in october and i am moving hopefully soon just waiting for all the solicitors to do their stuff. Mine is 3 bed was here nearly 30 years. I have been packing and chucking out stuff now for weeks.

WELL DONE, you must feel so good about it all. How are you feeling now emotionally though in your new home, was it as bad as you thought? You take your memories with you, and now you can start new ones. x

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Hi Shifty 23 Well done! It must have been hard to cope with so many changes. I hope you will be really happy in your new home. Hi Steve are you moving locally or making a big move to a new area? I do hope you will be happy in your new home. Hi Grandma it is good to clear out isn’t it? I have no idea why we keep so many items that we don’t use! I have been giving items to charity shops and Ebaying. We are also looking to move but finding suitable accommodation is proving difficult as prices are so high in London. We have lived in our house for thirty five years and it will be quite a wrench to leave but the stairs are proving a challenge! Sue x

Hi Grandma, it is not that we have the moving bug but I am finding it difficult to manage in our current home. Five years ago, before diagnosis, we assumed we would be staying in our house and extended and decorated through out. Personally I would love to move to the coast but my husband does not! We will probably stay locally as we have family nearby although one of my daughters lives in Surrey. The estate agent wanted us to put the house on the market before we find a property but I would find that too stressful so I spend lots of time on the internet looking for suitable property. Decluttering is definitely therapeutic although I seem to be the only one doing it! My husband is a hoarder so will need a skip for the loft. I crochet but my right hand struggles nowadays so my supply of wool/cotton will last me a long time. I do not like to just sit (which sadly I do a lot of) so crocheting gives me something to do. Sue x

Go shifty !! You certainly got a shift on and have every right to be proud… hey I’m proud of you !! Don’t underestimste the size if the steps you have taken or what you have achieved ! Good luck and best wishes to our other lovelies Steve,Grandma, Crazy Chick and Sue84 can’t wait to see your posts to say you did it to in the near future Xx

I would also love a bungalow but they are so expensive the properties that are in our price range tend to need a lot of updating. However a flat is not an option as we have a king Charles spaniel and an elderly cat (eighteen years old) but hopefully something will turn up. I now have a cleaner once a week as my balance is too poor to allow me to bend or stretch or pull the hoover along. I have recently started physiotherapy but at the moment it has aggravated my muscle tone and caused more fatigue. So annoying two years ago I was walking my dog and I really miss this social activity and the exercise! Sue x