Scary feeling....

Hi everyone,

yesterday I had a really strange ‘sensation’…I’ve never had it before, just wondering if anyone else had.

I’d just come up the stairs, and changed the date on the calender, when it felt like my feet were made of rubber, and worst of all that the floor was giving way, and I was falling!..though I didn’t actually fall if you see what I mean?..I had to go and sit down. The feeling didn’t last for long, just a couple of minuetes…but it left me quite scared.


Hi Wendy,

It’s not exactly the same as what you’ve experienced but maybe of a similar nature?

I sometimes find that when I’m climbing stairs I don’t actually know where the floor starts and ends. It’s like the ground is disappearing or moving away from me and I’m not sure where the next step is. At the same time I feel a bit ‘out of it’. So I have to put my foot out and test the floor - probably much to the amusement of others.

Even more bizarrely, it rarely happens when I go down the stairs, normally only up them!

I’d mention it to your neuro when you next see him.

Debbie xx

Thanks Debbie,

I don’t see my neuro till Nov. but I will mention it to my GP when I see him next week. I didn’t have the feeling when I was going up the stairs I was at the top of the stairs. Very strange though.


Hi Wendy

Let me know what your GP makes of it (if you don’t mind).

So many odd things happen…

Debbie xx