feeling scared


I have woken up today with new symptoms of weakness in my arms/hands and my right hand shakes if I hold anything. This is scary as I am right handed too. I have seen my GP about my original symptoms of numbness and tingling in my left hand and foot, and right side of face, and am waiting for my Neuro appointment. I found myself struggling with words at the weekend, but laughed it off as was embarassed. I am scared that I am getting new things happening, and scared that when my appointment comes the Neuro wont believe me. I have told my hubby about my new things this morning and he just says oh. I dont know what he thinks.

I am sorry for going on but I just wanted to tell someone how I feel.


Hi Fizz, no one will tell you you’re mad on here. We’re all suffering really strange symptoms. I know what you mean about the neuro. I’ve got my first appt tomorrow and i’ve been worrying they’re not going to believe me. All I can do is tell them straight and hope they don’t dismiss it. My hubby tends to dismiss all my symptoms, I just get a list of his problems straight back! Keep laughing, it’s a good tactic. I use it around everyone, especially my kids. That way they aren’t worrying and I don’t have to worry about them worrying! :slight_smile: Hope you get your appt through soon

Sharon x

Thanks Sharon,

Good luck with your appointment. I am feeling very weak and dizzy generally today with the wierd shaky hand thing going on! All good fun eh?!


Oh yes, it’s a real barrel of laughs! :wink: Just take it easy

Sharon x

I think we are all scared.

Certainly i am. I am waiting for the neuro appointment and worried that when i talk with him/her that they wont believe me, or i cant demonstrate my problems on demand.

I have been to see a neurologist about 6 years ago (for problems with balance and memory) and that was not a positive experience.

I too have children and use the ‘ha ha everything is going to be ok’ around them but sometimes i think you need someone to be able to say, well what if everything is not ok’. Luckily i have a good friend coming round tomorrow.


Hi thanks Yvette

I got a phone call yesterday offering me an appointment with the Neurologist on Friday. I am really nervous now!!



I rang the secretary this morning who says that it could be thirteen weeks before i get an appointment.

I have rung and got a private appointment (hopefully tomorrow) . I can just about afford it at a push, but i cant afford to wait 13 weeks, if that makes sense.

Hope yours goes well on Friday


Hi Yvette

Good luck with your appoinment, let me know how it goes for you.