A bit scary

I have had a few new symptoms lately which I can cope with, I forget people’s names and words and have to concentrate when I am talking. The other night I was driving home and it was dark and there were no lights so I needed to use my full beam, I couldn’t remember how to switch it on, I have had my car nearly 3 years !! I had to stop and think for a couple of mins till I could rember how to switch them on . It did upset me, has this sort of thing happened to other people? Thanks. Karen

Hi Karen,

Not quite the same, as I wasn’t driving at the time (I’m a non-driver - luckily for other road-users, probably). BUT, I regularly forget where the light switches are, in my own house, where I’ve lived for more than 20 years! It’s the most bizarre thing: I feel for the light switch in places there has never, ever been one - e.g. on completely the wrong side of the door, or at the opposite end of the hall to where it really is.

It doesn’t exactly scare me (probably because I’m not on the road), but I do end up thinking: “WTF happened there? Why am I feeling for a light switch that does not exist, and never has?”


Thanks Tina it’s nice to know I am not losing my marbles (I hope) lol x

Hi Karen,

For me the biggest problem is putting things away in there proper place,cerial in washing machine,milk in the oven that sort of thing.

Am glad i dont drive now,not sure i could anyway.

Also get the grandkids names mixed up,they find it funny any away.

Pretty sure a lot of MSers have problems like this.CBT helped a little bit,just got to remember them.

Take Care.


Thanks Chris, I get my children’s and grandchildrens names mixed up lol Karen

Sounds kinda normal to me, I’ve definitely pulled over before for similar - I also got very excited the other day when I found the fog light switch again!

I was marking books this morning and a child had written ‘villige’ - I’m a top hot speller but first I corrected it to vallige, then villaage, in red pen in the child’s book .


Now this I would be more worried about lol!!

Thanks Deb I am not the only one then

Quite normal Karen, I often forget names or words or even what I was just about to say. As for remembering things, well at the moment I’m trying to find a photo that my sister would like, now I know it’s in a big old black photo albumn, but can I recall where the albumn is…Nope! If you also note I can’t always remember how to spell either.

Just do what I do and laugh it away, but take care when you’re driving.

Janet x

My father who doesnt have ms decided long ago to call both grandsons Tosh as he never got tom or josh right and its worked happily for 15 yrs!!!

Last night I went to hang my coat where we used to in our old house which we left 7 yrs ago,and my family get very frustrated when they have to repeat things we alleged talked about last night or a week ago.I say allegedley as I think the kids make it up that they have told me things,or am I paranoid?

Anyway Karen as we all seem to do daft things I would worry.