Losing the plot????

Ok, I think I am officially losing the plot!!! Was out this afternoon with my 10 year old and was driving around town looking for a parking space, I was turning right, so slowed down, indicated, but as I turned my mind went completely blank and I couldnt remember what side of the road I was supposed to be on! I was scanning the road markings for some sort of clue, and I could feel the panic rising, it was only when a car appeared coming towrds me that i realised I was on the wrong side and quickly shifted over!!! This hasnt been the first time something like this has happened, I had to text my hubby one day a while back to ask him if, when I make soup do I put a stock cube in, and if so, how many!!! He thought i was joking, but i was standing at the cooker totally bewildered at not being able to remember. Or the day I couldnt remember how to lay the shirt on the ironing board to iron it! I had to do something else for 10 minutes and when I came back to the ironing board I was able to lay the shirt down correctly 1st time. My question is, am I just a bit ‘dizzy’ or do instances like this constitute ‘brain fog’? Thanks Gogirl p.s sorry if this post is red, I dont know how to change it!

i think it might be somethin to do with the MS, recently i have been finding it harder to remember things. I am also trying to study for a course i need to go on to find a new job and it seems to be the case now that learning new things is a f***ing nightmare. It makes me sad that this disease seems to be effecting me both physically and mentally, feel like theres no where to run.

These symptoms you describe can also be brought on by other things too tho. Like stress or other infections. So dont give up hope just yet. Keep fighting against it. The minute you stop fighting and give up thats when you will lose ground. Do all you can to live healthy and keep your mind active. Eat well, read books, study things that interest you, try to learn and stay positive, avoid stress, meditate and be well x

You’re not alone gogirl. Twice now I’ve sat there giving way to the left on a rounabout. Luckily, nothing was coming from the right when I pulled out. It is very scary and I now find myself more and more reluctant to drive and asking friends to drive me to places.

I also got part way through a text message the other day when I completely forgot which button to press to put a space between the words and ended up calling the person instead.

It seems to be the things I do automatically that I sometimes have a problem with.

Mags xx

Hi guys! Ditto!

I just can not get my left & right - right! If you know what I mean!!

It’s amazing because there is a 50/50 chance that you will say the right one! Yet every single time I’m getting it the wrong way round! It’s been a standing joke with us for ages!

Especially mortifying was when I volunteered to take a coach load of potential students and their parents on a tour round the area!

It was hysterical - I was saying “and on the left hand side you will see…” whilst meaning the right and pointing to the left - they were all looking in the wrong directions - it all made for a bus load of very puzzled peeps!!

Mags - I agree with the automatic things being the things that are most problematic! I have to concentrate on everything now xxjenxxx

Maybe we can all get together and have some wacky races round airfield ! I must admit my driving hasn’t been too c lever lately either, it may be that we just have a lot on our minds, so bear that in mind if we think wer’e losing the plot. F.xx

Wow everyone… I thought it was just me!

I also dont know my left and right (but think I did used to know), I have also panicked in the car trying to remember what to do, I found missing ice cubes (knew I had bought them!) in the microwave, I forgot to lock my door the other night, so now obsessively lock up at about 8, and, and… well I forget the others :frowning: I randomly forget words for things and my daughter or fiance have to guess what Im trying to say. I definitely remember being intelligent too :frowning: This brain thingy has been going on with me for about 2 years.

Jen - I find that if I try hard to concentrate my brain switches off and my words muddle (hehe just wrote muscle instead of muddle!).

I just want to know why all these things are happening xx

Ditto people

I keep forgetting things. Like one of doctors asked me if I’d rang the patient I promised to ring about missing their appointments. I felt horrified - I remembered the conversation but I couldn’t remember a thing about what I’d done about it afterwards. Needless to say I’ve ran around like a headless chicken today sorting it.

One of the secretaries emailed me to put some notes out for the doctors I even put a flag on the email and she only sent it the day before I completely forgot and didn’t remember till a week later as my manager was talking about her.

I’ll also type completely the wrong thing in. Like I checked a clinic for where the next appointment date and time was and emailed the secretaries to book this patient in. It transpires I got the date completely wrong the clinicwas not on this date. I then even though I looked at the clinic did the same again.All I had to do was copy a date.

I go to do things and I’ll completely forget what it was I was meant to do.

It’s really not like me. My managers fell sick in all three of my previous jobs and I stepped up and ran the department and got thanks from both patients and managers. I’m concious and really do give my all and this is frustrating as I’m only 29 and I keep thinking to myself is it me - surely I wasn’t like this before.


I keep putting one sock on and forgetting to put the other one on until I go to put my boots on and think, that feels weird.

My other half keeps saying “you’re winding me up, we had that conversation last night”. I can remember that we had the conversation, just not what the outcome was.

Can’t remember addresses. Sent a card to my dad for father’s day. Put his house name but then followed it with the remainder of my address rather than his.

Emailed our replacement window salesman to phone me on 07973. He sent a message back asking if he was supposed to guess the rest of the number.

Can’t remember which turning to take when driving to go to familiar places.

Keep calling people by their relatives’ names and told my daughter that her book was on the side in the ‘christmas’?!?!? instead of the kitchen.

I could go on…

Brain fog central!


Hehe Claire! I went shopping one day and found that my walking was particularly bad. When I got home I realised that I was wearing different boots on each foot - one with a flat heel and one with a higher heel. Guess it didn’t help that I have one leg shorter than the other, lol! What a numpty! I put the pairs in different places now.

Shouldn’t laugh but PMSL. I guess you have to try and laugh about it! Thankfully no clothing mishaps for me!

It is so scary that I can relate to most of the posts on here.

I cant work out if people are taking advantage of me by doing things and saying I agreed to it only yesterday…it doesnt ever come back either,so I guess I will never know.

My major prob at the moment is I have a bill to pay.I have telephone banking,and have done for years and years…do you think I can remember the pass number. I have had it so many years it isnt in my list of important numbers that I now keep.

Oh I do hope the fog clears.

Auntiemogs I found myself sitting in a packed doc waiting room in my gardening crocks…the really arent to be seen out in public in.

I am amazed we dont all do ourselves some serious damage on a daily basis…and then ATOS medicals say we should all be back in full time employment!!!


My Daughter keeps saying Mum do you remember that programe or film we watched last week with so and so in it and half the time I cant but then about half hour later I will remeber and say I remember now but the moments gone then she thinks im loppy !!! xx

Oh wow, i have had such a giggle reading through all your replies!! So Im not losing the plot!! Well, I am, but Im not on my own so that makes me feel slightly better about it!! Yep, I forgot to pay my Visa bill last month and got hit by nasty charges, so what happens this month, oh yes, I paid it twice, and only a week apart!! And I still cant remember paying it the first time!! The driving thing has scared me, but I plan on being extra vigilant now, and as for the everyday stuff, Im writing everything down!! Auntiemogs, im gonna be keeping a really close eye on my footwear!!! Lol!! Gogirl X

I’m just as daft as the rest of you

I said this in another post I told my friend I was happy to look after her mushrooms when she went on holiday… I meant tortoises!

I took one of my dogs to collect the kids from school last week and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised he was still tied to the school gates

Sometimes I’m so dopey I scare myself lol

I know what you mean an understand completely. My mushrooms eat lettuce too ! F.xx and (((hugs)))

Nikki at least they cant roll in fox poo tied to the gates!!


That is very true pip I shall do it more often lol

I’ve got completely disorinated and confused when my eyes have gone blurry and I get the kind of flushed dizzy feeling you get right before you pass out.

The first time I couldn’t find my way out of the loo’s in a restaurant and walked into a mirror and feel down a step I didn’t realise was there.

The second time I was driving and lost all sense of distance etc.

It’s really scary when that happens, I assume it’s some type of brain fog.

Oh this is so reassuring yet it’s sad as well that we are in this state :slight_smile:

I have tried to open my front door with the zapper you open a car with!

One of my first symptoms was that I remembered where I was driving to but couldn’t think how to get there - I was mid journey and it’s a place I drive to every week.

I find it very difficult following a recipe these days. I look at it and just inwardly sigh “What do I do?” I also find getting dressed challenging and asked my friend “Will you tell me if I come out with my knickers on my head?” She smiled, “Of course, but am I allowed a quick laugh first?”

My day is one permanent “senior moment”. I laugh about it all but honestly inside I am crying.