Getting really worried about forgetting things

I posted a while ago about forgetting everyday things but this morning really freaked me out. I was driving to work, it’s only 10 mins drive and it suddenly registered that I was on the wrong road. It took me about 5mins to think what am I doing and how do I get to work. I felt so disorientated and was in a bit of a state when I arrived. I didn’t say anything to my colleagues as I am sure they would have thought I had really lost the plot. Can I get any help with this memory problem ? I hope everyone is coping with this hot weather!!! Thanks. Karen

Karen, that must be difficult for you and I fully understand what you are going through. Because MS is so variable, I'll say that this may be a phase which will pass and because of this may I suggest you take things really easy when driving.


If you can get by without driving for the moment ,'praps you should stop. But I will say that you shouldnot tell ANY Health Professional  anything regarding driving.There can be a "Don't ask don't tell" policy about driving, but if DVLA get a whiff, they will pull your licence and make you jump through hoops to prove you are fit to drive at a later date.


You said something about the weather,and is there a chance this is affecting you? I do believe that you will find ways of coping with the problems you've got at the moment. My memory gaps are handy sometimes,especially when watching repeats of Top Gear.


Good luck,  Wb

Hi Karen

I've had the same thing.  I was driving to a friends house, turned at traffic lights and suddenly thought 'I've never been here before', so I turned back to where I knew to start again, only for the same thing to happen, I knew I should turn right at the lights (4 TIMES!!!!).  In the end I just carried on down the 'wrong road' and eventually I recognised where I was and could carry on as normal.

I've also been on the way to the supermarket and forgotten completely how to get there.  I ended up just driving around until I saw a supermarket.  So I went to Asda instead of Tesco (they're about 3 miles apart in opposite directions).

It really freaked me out both times, I know my short term memory is affected (I'm used to that) but surely directions that you have used for years without even thinking about it, don't fall into short term.  Since then I got a sat nav to keep in the car so if and when it happens again I can use it.




Thank you both for your replies, good idea about the sat Nav I have got one. It is so strange I go the same way everyday and it’s just like my mind went blank. The weather probably hasn’t helped as i feel very fatigued. Thanks for the tip wb I won’t mention it to any health professional . Thanks again Karen x

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear you're having  troubles, I think the sat nav is a good idea and I'm sure the sudden change in the weather can't be helping. Hope it passes soon for you. Sending ((((((HUGS))))))

Janet  imsorry


Thanks Janet, hope your doing ok, this weather is lovely and don’t like to moan but it does seem to drain me. Karen x