Hit by car

I’ve been having cognitive and memory problems lately. It’s been bad at work, we have a lot of conference call meetings and I can’t now take notes and listen. I forget things halfway through a sentence when I’m writing it down and a colleague now speaks to me slowly and loudly like I’m foreign because I’ve had to ask the same question more than once because I’ve forgotten the reply! I am getting some software to try and help. I also have trouble concentrating.

Have started to get help, the occupational therapist came round on Friday (although I’m not sure what she can do). Shortly afterwards, I popped out to get milk and got hit by a car while crossing the road. It was my fault as i just ran in front of him and I’m ok, the car just clipped my hand and ran over my foot. Now on the bed with leg propped up.

I’m just upset that I let it happen. I feel I can’t control what happens. has anyone had any medicinal solutions to this sort of symptom or do I just have to wait it out?

Hi anon

So sorry to hear you have been through such an awful time. I am the same, particullary taking information in. The world works much faster than I do. I get hyped up and usually end up doing something stupid.  I had 2 car accidents hence I know longer drive. The only advice I can give is you need to calm yourself down. I know you need to try and stay focused because of your job but it sounds like you aren't able to relax. I have recently ordered the new relaxation CD from the MS Trust. I don't know of any drug that could help accept to say that Cipralex helps with my anxiety but it's an anti depressant and so may not be suitable. It might be a good idea to speak to an MS nurse (if you have one) or your doctor. There are programmes that help with cognitive issues.

Good luck, 



Hello Anon,

                  I have had quite a few issues with cognative problems. I received help from a neurological psycholoigist, and this is useful, but I often get the feeling that this is more to allay my fears. But when it comes to a gluey memory that I have, I was recommended a dictaphone, so that I can memorise things as and when I like. It might be useful for you too, but everyone with MS soon seems to tire, so you will be especially bad at the end of the day. I hope that everything goes well for you.

                         Best Wishes,