Am I losing it?


OK, this has been happening for a while now, forgetting where I have put things, taking a silly amount of time to think of a word, walking in and out of a room because I have forgotten why I’m there but this emms to have taken a huge leap lately, I seem to be having entire conversations that do not happen. I don’t mean i’m talking to myself, I have had numerous arguments with my oh lately because he states we have had conversations I cannot remember or I believe we have had them and we haven’t!!! My long term memory has been fuzzy for a while but now we are talking about things that have happened a few days or even hours ago. Also, I can go from being ‘normal’ to literally screaming at anyone in seconds without having a real trigger and certain things set me off ranting / screaming and I cannot stop - like the dog barking?! Is this something that I should raise with my MS nurse? Or do I just need a holiday? I wouldn’t mind but I had always considered myself as a relatively intelligent person but most days now I feel like soemthing is just missing …



Hi Becky,

You’re not alone - there have been a few posts along these lines - I frequently forget words, especially people’s names. My late husband used to claim that we either had or had not had conversations, however I always put that down to his alcoholism - maybe he wasn’t being quite the twit (not the word I wanted to use, but twit won’t be censored) I thought he was.

It’s probably a good idea to mention it to your nurse, even just to keep their picture up to date.

Luisa x

Hi Becky

This forgetfulness thing can be caused by stress/anxiety as well as MS. Personally I’m always being told it’s my age. I assume you’re not like me, the other side of 50. I find the only way to function these days is by writing things down or recording them and doing things slowly. Christmas is not easy as there are extra things to remember. I do think it would be a good idea to discuss it with your nurse. She/he could give you other stratergies for managing memory problems, although there’s no magical cure but I use a Nintendo brain trainer to try and keep my brain as fit as possible. You may need to find a way to relax more. Yoga or meditation helps. I definitely do not believe’ you’re loosing it’ though.