How forgetful are you?

Recently I’ve forgotten a couple of important things. I went to an appointment on the wrong day, totally forgot plans to meet with a friend and then this morning I completely forgot to go to the dentist, despite filling out the online forms ready last night.

I’m not sure if it’s normal/busy mum/spinning too many plates etc or my MS getting worse.

I’m sure I never used to be this bad, but pre-diagnosis I would’ve probably shrugged it off and paid no attention to it.

You are far from alone with this frustrating problem.

Thinking and memory problems | MS Trust

Feel your pain. my memory is total garbage. In work what i do is write down 4 or 5 points so i don’t forgot them in the meeting (yes i end up looking like a total train spotter when i am in meetings but that way i know i haven’t forgotten anything). Now i am in between jobs at the minute but I was told a really cool trick, if you are either in or not in a work place and you have to get something across before you forget is ot open up with 'ok as some of you know i have MS and my memory is not what i was so i just would like to say the following and then we can go over it. Kinda like a quick brain dump

I cant get over the really big things…my friend said something about her 40th birthday party, and I said where was that…she looked at me strangely and said I had helped arrange/decorate the place as a surprise for her! no recollection whatsoever. But more upsetting is my dad made a speech for my 18th birthday party…and he never did anything like that …and i dont remember and back then there was no videos or mobile phones etc…the moment is gone and forgotten im sad to say…i’m not worried about the everyday things…but that has really upset me

I keep forgetting the alphabet. It’s really bothering me. I also had a couple of moments when counting and I wasn’t sure I’d included all the numbers. I did actually do it right, but it freaked me out.
MS Nurse asked Consultant to refer me for cognitive assessment and I’m quite scared of what the results will be if I do it.