I have had MS now for 3 years, one thing I have noticed is how forgetful i get now,

I have a Blue badge for parking the car, but sometimes i forget to displayu it, but i still get a fine that they say i have to pay in full

This is something I object too, i cannot help getting forgetful

Hi, stick that blue badge where you wont forget it. Put a sticky on your side window. Put another on your bag…or wherever you`re forced to see it.


hi marky,

i’ve done that and paid the fine ouch!!

good idea of poll’s to right sticky notes to yourself but do REMEMBER to read them - i don’t always read the notes i’ve written to myself!

now when i’m admitted to that home for the bewildered i hope there are a few of you lot in there too, we could have a proper good laugh.

carole x

Hi, I’m going to my local ms centre this Thursday, but forget where my physio said I could pick up memory help booklets. My ppms is slowly, but gradually getting worse and tend to write things down on bits of paper. I advised a business customer to do the same because she missed a ambulance picking her up for a hospital appointment and hope she remembers to write things down. I find internet passwords a nightmare because I can’t find the card with the details. John.