blue badge question

Does abyone have one, i heard it can be hard for us with ms to get one. The rest is to walk 50 meters or something? Now i can walk that, most days, but today, 7 leg cramps, im hurting! And walking isnt much fun. Or because i have numb hands, carrying shopping from the car can be so awkwarrd, i cant take much at obe time, and sometimes where i live, im parked over 100 meters away due to lack of parking. Any help?

The test*

Hi I got one no problem like u walking can be ok but I have bad days and also 2 small children was expecting it to be refused But basically just put down my worst day when I couldn’t walk at all Em x

Hi ssam, Em is right. Because of the nature of the illness and that it does have good and bad days, I make it a rule to always fill in forms as if I am having a bad day. I do feel guilty on the good days and do worry what people might think. But I find that I really need that badge so I can park nearer to things when on a bad day…that’s if I get out of course. J x

I got mine due to ME diagnosis and joint hypermobility, luckily I had lots of appointment cards and letters to copy to apply with. I did put down my worse days and didnt even have to go for a medical assessment.

Go ahead and apply for one. You should get one with no problem hun.

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The new form is quite daunting , fill it in with as much info as you possibly can and as if it was your worst day.

I listed all my appointments with neurologist, MS nurse, physio, orthotics (getting a toe off brace) , gym on referral, balance problems etc etc.

In the space on the last page I put I that I live in a rural area , 5 miles to nearest shops, just changed my car to an automatic due to problems with left foot foot drop. I rely on being able to drive to keep up my independence and my self esteem.

I was expecting to be called for a medical but they just sent the new badge in the post.

Glad they’re weeding out the frauds, but it’s people like us who need them.

Good luck,

Jen x

Well what i preferably wantnto achieve is to get a disabled parking space outside my house, my neighbour has one, and safe to say she hasnt got problems! Shes just evil! One day i got a nail in my tyre, it was a old disabled apot but without the blue badge on it, just lines on ground, so legally i can park there. But she went crazy saying im a dauhter of the law (dads police officeer) and i should know better, and because i kept parking there, i was getting nails in my tyres, but it annoys me when people like her get itband its hard for us!

I think that if you have a blue badge you can apply for a disabled parking space outside your house. Assuming it’s feasable to have one there. I also believe you can then park in ALL spaces, outside your house or hers. But I wouldn’t risk parking outside her house! Does she have a thingy on the wall with details of her car etc? My boyfriend’s aunt and uncle do, but I’m not sure how it works. I think they don’t have to display a badge as long as the car shown on the wall thingy is the one parked in the space.

I shall look it up on the council I pay my council tax to’s website :slight_smile:

No just a standard disabled bay, so if i got a badge i could use it, but no i wouldnt, i think id come back to my car gone! LOL

one council’s FAQ said this

Do I need to display my Blue Badge while parked in my disabled parking bay?

Yes - it is a legal requirement to display a valid Blue Badge while parked in an enforceable disabled parking bay.

Badge holders are able to request a permit, specific to their vehicle and address, which enables them to park in their allocated bay without the need to display the Blue Badge.

Permit request forms are automatically issued to bay holders upon the issue of a disabled parking bay and can also be requested by contacting us.

it basically means you cant park in someone elses bay if it has a sign saying permit holders only. I think (but dont send me the ticket if Im wrong!) that if there is no sign then anyone with a blue badge can park there. Worth ringing the council to check though.

thanks ssam for asking this question.

i have loads of problems parking near my house.

at the shops its fine because they have lots of disabled spots.

but when i get home i have a heck of a trudge from where i end up parking.

i’ll see if my council will do one for me.

carole x

when we had a disabled spot near our house, there was no sign and the council and cops told us that anyone can park there, they don’t even need a badge, that its not enforceable :confused: so kind of pointless to have the bay if anyone can park in it. would have been different if there was a sign tho. glad we have a drive way now and dont have to deal with people parking in it that shouldn’t. i get such dirty looks from people when we park in a disabled spot and 9 times out of 10 its an older person who parks there without one :confused: i have had older people say to that they are old, i am young (ish), I don’t need one (i live in an area with a pretty big pensioner population, but i know its not every pensioner that thinks that way)…oops sorry went off topic :slight_smile:

Going off topics fine, i mean in 24, on the outside ud think im fine, i hide my pain well! But its a stuffle, and even whn i have to get shopping from the car i can get emotional and stressed, as i will leave it there because i cant cope, go back the next day once rested

Stuggle* opps, bad fingers!

My application was rejected on the grounds that I can often walk the distance. I contended this, and explained that walking this distance has in the past onset relapse and, in fact, what helps enable me to walk without walking aids in not having to walk this distances when I’m poorly. They then gave me one and I use it when I need it, inclines etc!!

After filling in the form, I had to go to the assessment centre, where a physio ask’s you questions then walks with you, back to the car in my case, possibly fortunately for me, my man was a nuro physio so he understood,when he read my hospital notes, forgot to say, had to take with me, he then sends his report, and a week later I got a letter saying I passed, it really is handy, so when you get the initial form, (worse case sinario) you cant walk more than about 40yds without stopping, you need a stick, when you get interview take the stick, and be the way you are on a bad day, it’s bad we should even have to think this way to get help. good luck, ps don’t say some days I’m ok!!! lol

if you get higher rate dla then your automaticly entitled to a ble badge.


What do you mean higher rate dla?

higher rate of the mobility part of dla gets you a blue badge