Blue Badge

Hi, My blue badge runs out in May and I have got to reapply. Has anyone had any problems getting it? I’m filling the form in and have got to say how far I can walk before I feel severe discomfort!! Well, thats all the time, I have RRMS, I can walk but need to hold on to hubby as I fall quite a lot. Just don’t know what to put on the form. No 2 days are the same. Sorry to moan but its making me cross, I have MS for goodness sake, how do you explain it on a tick box form. Thanks. Marilyn xx

Put O metres, and if there is a box write in your in severe discomfort all the time. Im the same in pain all the time so put just that when reapplied last year. Im sure you won’t have any problems. I

My physio advised me to put in stuff which describes your worst times - because that’s when you really need the badge. Sounds like 0 metres.

Thanks guys, I will put o metres! Will let you know what happens.

Yes, I had no problem as doctor said put in worst day symptoms and he would support me if asked

Kalkan, the form says now they don’t take any reports from Dr or nurse, last time my nurse wrote a letter for me