Blue Badge

Hi, I put a message on here about 2 weeks ago asking for advise on filling out the blue badge renewal form. I was unsure on what to put for, how far could I walk and how long would it take before I felt discomfort!!! Got myself in a bit a tiz with it all. 2 or 3 people on here told me, not to try and work it out just put 0, which I did but thought it would be returned saying that was not good enough. I WAS WRONG. I now have my new badge, so thank you so much to those that gave me such good advice.

Marilyn x

That`s brill Marilyn!

Pleased for you.

luv Pollx

Well chuffed !! Xx

Wo wo, some good news. Well done.

Happy parking!

Jen x

Great news, glad we could help and you’ve got your well needed badge. Xx