Blue Badge Assesment

Got my blue badge assessment today with a lovely lady who dealt with me and explained things very well. It ended with her saying that on the day I didn’t meet the criteria for getting a blue badge. She seemed to have a good knowledge of MS and accepted that my condition fluctuates and that she got me on a “good day”. Although it wasn’t what I wanted to hear as I’ve had a badge for 6 years now and losing it would be a disaster for me it was, in a very weird way, nice to speak to a normal person with a heart that was being forced to play by the rules i.e. this bloody 20m rule. My only hope is she writes this is in her report and whoever makes the decision acknowledges the fact it was a good day and not one the majority bad days I have. I’ve forgotten her name already but I would like to thank her publically for listening to me and being so understanding and honest about her findings. I will be absolutely gutted if I get refused so fingers and toes crossed although I’m not holding up much hope. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone out there getting one of these assessments gets someone like I did today.


Hi Nutty P I dont understand why you had to have an assesment after having one for 6 years I’ve been a blue badge holder for 15 years and when mine expired in November last year I just applied online for replacement of my expied one. No assesment nothing just got issued with a new badge, just wondering why you had to be assesed?

Hi Nutty Hope it will be a straight forward renewal for you. I’m finally get my first badge after two refusals (sounds like show jumping) but it through emailing my MP and council leader before they listened that our abilities ebb & flow throughout the day. Good luck Paul

Think different councils have different rules.

I didn’t get an assessment but wrote every single appointment , said I’d changed to an automatic, live in rural area and depend on my car etc etc. My blue badge was just renewed.

Good luck NuttyP.

Jen x