Blue badge renewal

Just a bit of a rant really.

Soothing words are needed before I get myself totally stressed about this!

My Blue Badge expires at the end of September. I haven’t posted off my renewal form as my county council need me to include a supporting report from my neuro. Which I’ve requested, but haven’t recieved yet. I’ve left a few messages with my neuro’s secretary, but haven’t recieved the report or heard a word since I first spoke to her a couple of months ago.


She told me my neuro had just gone away on holiday, but he’s been back for weeks! Maybe she’s now on holiday. But surely someone would be picking up her workload while she’s away? What’s going on!?!?!?

I have an appointment at my MS clincal centre on Friday, so I’ll take a deep breath and ask if they know anything there. It’s just all too complicated for me to deal with sometimes. :slight_smile:

Every council seems to have a different approach to this. I received my Blue badge for the first time a couple of months ago after seeing a very sympathetic council employer and taking a few letters from the hospital with me, I got approval a week later, if you’ve already been approved once surely the renewal shouldn’t be a problem it seems a bit OTT for them to ask for a report from your Neuro.

To make matters worse for you, I applied for a blue badge 3 weeks ago and I’m still waiting for their reply. They don’t seem to be in a hurry either.

Mine expires end of month. Filled in the 21 pages online using my Little Black Book to record all appointments, names of each specialist I see and physio appts.

Was expecting to be called for a medical but the bage arrived in the post last week. !! Lovely suprise.

All councils differnt.

Good luck with neuro letter.


South Glos council used to contact our GP and Neuro themselves, but we have to do the leg work.

I was thinking of sending the form, photo of my birth certificate, money and photo off anyway to start the process off. I spoke to someone in the relevant council department who said they’d just reject it and write to me asking for the report. It’s annoying - I had SPMS when I applied 3 years ago and it’s only got worse!

I can understand why they have to go through the process, but it’s stressing me out! It could be worse!

Keep smileing :slight_smile:

I got sent a form about two weeks before mine expired- i had to enter my ‘badge’ number, sign it and send a PO for £2 which I did , and about two weeks after I got another blue badge