Blue badge

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has applied for a blue badge and been turned down?


If you have MS and have difficulty walking you will get one. If you have to apply on line make sure you have all your medical details, hospital number, neurologist name , drugs etc you are on before you apply as the computer sometimes times out before you can get all the information in. Do not worry about it you will be fine. Bertie

Thanks Bertie, I’ve filled out the paper application and written all medication and professionals details ready to put in post box. Fingers crossed. I’ve been refused PIP so I’m not sure they will give me one.

Agree with Bertie,

No problem at all getting mine, that’s not saying I think they should be throwing them around like confetti though, but with something like MS and if it truly effects your mobility I think we all should have one.

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Personally I know of three people who have blue badges and they all walk perfectly well- unlike me. One has fybra myalga, another has mild mental health issues and the third is at it. I managed to do a phone interview and mentioned medical details and problems. Other questions ask were, are you out of breath after struggling up a flight of stairs and can you walk unaided for 20meters (I think) without an aid.

I was turned down the 1st time but GP sent a letter of support & I got it - this time I had to send a copy of my pip award for renewal purposes & all was sorted - very very handy thing for me in my life.

I don’t get pip at present (have an application under MR), did they contact the professionals you put on your application or just refuse it on the info you gave on the form? I’ve been told I’ll have a decision in 5 days and, if approved, badge within 10. Not long to wait.

Just a quick update. I have been approved for the badge less than 24 hours after applying and should have it within 7 days. Thanks for all your replies. x