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Blue badge application minefield

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum and have just been diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms and just wondered if anyone has successfully applied for a blue badge recently please. My symptoms recently have left me with a myriad of issues including unreliable sight and incredible fatigue. I’m due to start on my DMT soon but not sure if I’ll need information from that to show evidence of meds on the application. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks:)

Hi, I have SPMS and I applied and received my badge 12 ish months ago and that was before I started medication - as far as I can remember the form was more about ability rather than the actual condition

The process seems to vary depending on where you live. I’m in Essex and it took me a year and an appeal to get my blue badge. It has changed my life though so I’m glad I stuck with it. I needed everything as evidence and help from my MS nurse but I got there in the end. Good luck!

Just gone through this and awaiting delivery of badge.
I was diagnosed in my 60s and have only thought justified in applying after I was already 66.
My supposition is you are still of an age where you can apply for PIP they will look at the points you score for the mobility element.
As I have missed that boat my argument was:
MS is a recognised as a disability from diagnosis.
I have had two falls that required attendance at fracture clinic.
Unable to travel independently because I cannot access my rollator in an ordinary space.
Danger of crossing rough roads with traffic.
Deterioration and under physio for recent falls.
I provided a copy of the letter of the consultant to my GP detailing the diagnosis and my results of his examination.
Also a recent appointment letter for my MS nurse.
They can interview you in person or over the phone.
Hope this helps.
Until I became dependent on the rollator, the longer walks were part of my exercise routine.

I applied for a blue badge on the 29th of December, I have RRMS and have trouble walking.
I attached a letter from my consultant confirming diagnosis then on the 5th of January I had a phone call from them asking a few more questions about how far I could walk, I answered honestly and was told my application had been successful and paid the £10 on my card. The badge arrived in about a week.
Good luck.

The general rules are here: Who can get a Blue Badge? - GOV.UK

It always used to be a rule that if you can’t walk more than 50 metres you’d get the badge (even if you don’t qualify automatically due to PIP/DLA. Your council is likely to interpret the rules differently though.


Thank you guys so much. I have my appointment with my MS nurse on the 21st so will definitely discuss this with them too. Really appreciate all the information