recently diagnosed with MS. how do you apply for a blue badge suggestions appreciated

recently diagnosed with MS how do I apply for a blue badge. any suggestions

I applied online. I answered all the questions quite a few but totally understandable. They take your card details don’t take the money until they approve your applicationn. They dealt with it really quickly. Was great service Good luck Barney

Hello Pauline, just type blue badge application into google. After your recent diagnosis have you explored your entitlement to DLA or PIP? The higher mobility level of DLA or whatever number of qualifying points of PIP should mean you automatically qualify for a blue badge. There is a lot of information on both this and the direct gov website which can help. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Pauline,

Sorry about your diagnosis, hope you’re coping ok. You apply online - just google blue badge application. They are tightening up on badges.

It’s a 21 page document - I think you get a badge automatically if you have certain illnesses, not MS though, or if you get disablity allowance but get a medical if you have walking difficulties. I said i can walk 0m as I have stiffness in my legs and constant pins and needles.

I’ve just filled in form , took me a while but listed all my specialists - neuro, physio , medication etc. Said it was progressive. It costs £10 to cover admin and lasts 3 years.

They sometimes call you for a medical. I got mine yesterday - obviously filled in the form correctly!!

Good luck.


thank you all for the info. much appreciated I’ll look into it

Some local authorities won’t issue a blue badge (mine included) until you are in receipt of the higest rate of dla for mobility, or now it will be PIP I suppose. I suggest you apply for pip. Get help from CAB completeing the form and tell them how you are at your worst. Good luck xx

i would add that the fatigue descends suddenly because that is the best aspect of having a blue badge

carole x

I applied to my local council on line and then followed it up with an email with further information as sometimes, on a good day and early on during the day, I can walk reasonably ok with the stick, but by the evening, sometimes I struggle to move from one room to another in the house - I didn’t want them to think I was being dishonest on the application so I gave more detail!

I was relieved they gave me a badge as I’m ppms so I knew if I didn’t get it now then I’d be really needing it at some point, I can’t do everything online!

Anyway, my point is that my PIP application is in progress so it wasn’t related to what level of PIP was awarded - I don’t know if it’s down to the area you live in or anything?!

Being fairly newly diagnosed myself, work colleagues have been really shocked at how much I’ve had to do myself. If you do need any help with who does what etc. then let me know and I can tell you where I’ve got to so far :slight_smile: It’s shocking the volume of forms/calls etc. you have to sort out!

Good luck

Sonia x

hi. with the diagnosis of MS just been diagnosed. I have terriable burning in my legs and I feel hot from head to toe its driving me mad anyone else experience this. and what can u o I also have clonic spasms in my right hand. don’t lie them very much thank goodness it only lasts a few secs. but can be regular

Hello Pauline. I’ve just been diagnosed with MS. I’ve not experienced these type of symptoms but some one else on the forum may have and be able to offer advice. Also can I just suggest when your asking a new question that its probably best to start a new thread…I wouldn’t want your question to go unanswered. All the best, Noreen