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Has anyone with MS who doesn’t get PIP Mobility got a blue badge. My husband asked the council if I could have one as my mobility is sometimes poor - they told him as I receive PIP for Daily Living but not Mobility I will have to ask to be reassessed for the whole of PIP. This would be stressful as you hear horror stories of people having PIP reduced or stopped.

Cant get anything although Im PPMS and I`m in ESA Support Group. More chance of going to the moon than getting PIP or a Blue Badge.



it was on the news today about more folk being able to claim for blue badges so i wonder how that will things?



Hi, it’s a long time since I’ve comment on here. I get the lowest daily living allowance on PIP but they wouldn’t give me the mobility. I decided to apply for a blue badge, not holding out much hope. I had to go for an assessment where I was asked a lot of questions but not asked to do anything physical. To my surprise I got one, so it wouldn’t hurt to apply xx


I haven’t been diagnosed with ms yet but I do have enhanced mobility and daily living and a blue badge if you feel you need the blue badge and or mobility then I would apply for it just make sure that your medical notes will be able to back up what you say about your mobility issues


Neither my wife or I get DLA or PIP, but we both have Blue Badges.

Why not apply online (the YouGov website) and see what happens.



You do not need any other benefits whatsoever to qualify for a blue badge. Blue badges are issued on the basis of your disability and not on what benefits you get. Unless your council is vastly different to mine and applying different rules.

I thought blue badges were a national scheme to which councils have to adhere, if so there should be no difference.


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I have recently reapplied for the Blue Badge and the form had two sections part of it you filled in if you were getting PIP and the other you could fill in if you weren’t getting PIP but had problems with mobility.

When I first applied for the Blue Badge 3 years ago I was only getting PIP for care at standard rate but applied for the Blue Badge and after an assessment received the Blue Badge for 3 years.

It might be that not all councils are the same but I would apply anyway and see what happens.

Mags xx

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Hi there.

I currently get no assistance from PIP, ESA etc, but I do have a blue badge

You have to make your case on mobility difficulties (e.g. struggle to walk from car park to work/shop) and make sure your MS nurse/consultant/GP are cited in the application.

While it is a national scheme, I believe your local authority make the call as to whether you get the badge (it will be issued by your local authority), and so what evidence is required is variable.

I was initially refused, but a carefully worded appeal did the trick.

Good luck!


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I applied for a blue badge late last year. I don’t get any form of benefit at all - I got the blue badge with no problem at all.

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I think the confusion comes from the fact that if you are registered blind, or get certain certain benefits, you automatically qualify, but otherwise you have to state why you should have one.
MS does not get you one, but inability to walk very far without support, or a rest, does.
Where I am (Bury, Lancs) you have to go into the Council offices in person and have your photo taken (and they can see how bad the mobility is).
When I got mine (Wiltshire) it was all done over the internet and the phone.

What gets me is the concern over how far you can walk, whereas I also need a wide bay to get in/out of a car. This is not one of the questions.


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Blue badges are awarded by the local council and councils vary. A disabled parking bay; which a blue badge entitles you to use; usually means a wider bay with room to unload a wheelchair. It can all be done online now, but also at the council offices.

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