PIP - Blue Badge - Gutted

Just got my PIP decision through and they’ve only given me standard care component and no mobility. This is the first time I’ve applied for any benefit in my life and felt I should have got more. I’ve got a bloomin’ wheelchair (granted I don’t use that often though) for goodness sake! I’m just worried I’m going to loose my blue badge now which has been a godsend.

Anyone else had a similar experience? Did you loose your blue badge? Is it worth appealing PIP?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


If you were granted your blue badge without being on any benefit I can’t see why the lack of mobility component in your PIP award would make any difference.

Sorry can’t be any help re PIP award and appealing - not had the pleasure of changing from DLA yet…!

Hi Anon I can only tell you, that when I first applied for a Blue Badge, I also applied for DLA at the same time. I was refused DLA, and I thought that would mean no badge, but lo and behold, a couple of days later I received my badge in the post. So you don’t necessarily need to claim or be rewarded any benefits to get a badge, so don’t give up! Xx

if you feel that you deseaved more you should appeal, your local CAB and social work should help also contact local MP/Councillor

Hi Anon

I was the same with my PIP decision - I applied for the mobility part but was only awarded 10 points. You need 12 points to qualify for the higher rate and, therefore, a car. I had to arrange/pay to get my old car converted otherwise I would have had to stop driving. I couldn’t afford to wait any longer to go to appeal as I was rapidly loosing my “personal independence”. I’m beginning to feel they refuse people in order that they are forced to appeal in the hope some will drop by the wayside! (Like me!)

What does the government/Atos et al actually think “Personal Independence Payment” means? Surely the clue’s in the name!.

Anway, back to your question … I had a blue badge before the assessment and no one has tried to take it away, so rest assured …

Emma x

Thanks folks.

Emma, that’s actually what I’m going through just now. I need to get myself a car that I can get adaptions made to it. I have a alright car just now but it’s needing replaced with something more realiable.I make it sound as though all I’m out for is a car but it’s like you, my time is running out for “personal independence” and the DWP/Atos have kickec me right where it hurts! Quite upsetting really but you just have to get on with it I suppose.

Hi Anonymous

I’m so sorry it sounds like you’re “between a rock & a hard place”! You desperately need to keep your mobility but need a reliable car to do it. What’s the point in spending money on a car that is likely to pack up!

It cost me £500 to have the conversion done but luckily my car is a Mazda (i.e. reliable!) and an automatic, so it wasn’t really a difficult decision to make. I think from what you say it may be worth appealing the PIP decision - how would it be if you had to wait another, say, 4 months for a decision? In the worst case, if you are still turned down, do you have a garage nearby who would do the conversion? After they’ve ordered the parts, it only takes a couple of hours to do the work so it could be done within a couple of days (although it takes many weeks to get use to - I’m still finding it a bit scary after 2 months!).

It makes me so angry that “they” say “they” want to keep disabled people independent, but when it comes to it, “they” don’t - grrrrr!

Good luck

Emma x

same situation: no blue badge, no financial help from anywere+no lost my job_:frowning:

you can apply for a discretionary blue badge which is based on a face to face assessment and back up medical evidence, it’s how I got mine because I dont get DLA.

Gosh, this makes me realise how lucky I am with regards to my Blue Badge. I submitted my application on-line to the local authority, and received an e-mail less than an hour later saying my application had been approved! The card arrived in the post a few days later. I applied for PIP around the same time, but have heard nothing from them yet! My Blue Badge is valid for 3 years and has been an absolute godsend, so I sincerely hope it doesn’t get taken away if I am refused PIP. It makes me so angry that, on top of coming to terms with life-altering medical problems, people have to fight so hard to get help and support, and are being made to feel so humiliated and wretched into the bargain. The whole system is a disgrace.