Turned down for Blue badge

Hi folks - got a letter back from the Roads Service (Northern Ireland) that my blue badge app was turned down…any experiences from yourselves? - I am not a wheelchair user…

Hi there, sorry to hear you didn’t get the blue badge :frowning: I was thinking of applying myself, I’m not a wheelchair user but I read somewhere that you can apply for a badge because of the fatigue that comes with ms ? Which would make life easier for me if I’m out and about so I don’t have to park miles away from where I’m going. Well I’ll give it a go. Nicola

I live in Lancashire and my first application for a blue badge was turned down, even though my gp had suggested I apply and supported my application. I was not a wheelchair user then, but couldn’t walk far. Mine was turned down on the basis that I was not in receipt of the mobility component of dla. I applied for that and was initially turned down, but it was granted after I asked them to re-consider and was examined by a doctor sent by the dwp. Then I got my blue badge. All this took about six months. I am not sure how things work in NI or now dla is changing to pip. Good luck.

I have just got my new badge with no problem at all, but the one before they turned me down saying I didn’t have a lasting complaint!! ( if only ) My M S nurse wrote to them and within a week I had the badge. I am not a wheelchair user but I don’t think that comes into it. Good luck

everywhere is so different! i am not a wheelchair user, I applied no support from GP/nurse etc (well not no support - just did it myself and didnt tell anyone) didnt hear anything back and 2 weeks later a blue badge was delivered to my house…

I think that it can help your case if you receive DLA/PI/whatever its called now!!!


Thanks for the replies folks - will try again and see what happens…cheers

Hi Redman, My gp refused and just giggled after me confessing that I could walk half a mile in one go with my limp. I’m sure if you can walk more than 20meters you’re stuffed. John.

I have never had one refused, but my last renewal took longer than previously, to the extent that I thought my application may have been lost in the post.

The reason for the delay was the fact that every new application plus every renewal has to be also processed by the DVLA in addition to your local council issuing office. This also means that all applications new or renewal are more closely checked.

I have never had the higher rate of DLA, only the basic (lower rate), so not receiving the higher rate should not be barrier to receiving a blue badge, if this is given as a reason for refusal, a letter to your MP is in order.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

They certainly do not make it easy to apply for a blue badge. l have had mine for years - yet still l have to fill in all those pages and send proof of identity. Surely they realise that l am not going to get better!! lf you were in a wheelchair and had someone with you - you would get to where you wanted easier then struggling to walk/limp. Same with a scooter. As most folk keep wheelchairs and scooters in the boot - they do not need the extra space at the side of the car for parking. l know this is not the case for everyone - but it is for most.

Do re-apply - if you have a ms nurse then perhaps they would help fill the form in. My elderly neighbour has had a blue badge for years. My OH takes her to do her weekly shopping - and says she can walk so well she leaves him behind.


i got my blue badge after showing my letter from dwp confiming my dla mobility component.

i have never had a wheelchair yet but i need space to open my car door as wide as it will go in order to get out safely.

John - when filling forms in and saying that you can walk half a mile make sure you go on to say how many times you have to stop for a rest.

carole x