Blue Badge advice please?

Hello all

I have just been declined a blue badge on the grounds of:

“The applicants inability to walk or severe difficulty in walking must be permanent and not just intermittent or temporary”

How can they say that to somebody with MS? I put down that I am stumbling around like a drunk person everyday, I dont have a walking aid at the min as I dont have an MS nurse or any input form anybody really. I was DX three weeks ago. The Nurologist just said that it ‘changes nothing, only that you have a DX now’ Not really very sure where to go from here? I have been off work for six months now and eager to return, a badge would really help.

Any advice gratefully recieved please


Do you claim dla. I’m asking because your walking sounds like it might qualify you? I’m also asking because if you get higher rate mobility (I think) it automatically qualifies you for a blue badge. Cheryl:)


No I haven’t claimed DLA. I think I may have to as I am going to have to reduce my hours. Its all very new and a bit of a mine field at the min!

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

hi there i’ve currently got a dx of TM and i’ve got a blue badge…i don’t claim dla and i’m still working but my doctor had to fill in form for me and surgery sent it back to council so didn’t see what he wrote but got call to pick badge up…had it a good few months now


Hello everyone

Just wanted to give you a quick update, I went for a medical assesment at the council yesterday, armed with my Union Jack walking stick! I have been approved for my blue badge! I am so happy, this means I can get out and about again!! (hopefully)

Anyway, just wanted to share and give some hope to those trying

Take care