Blue Badge - appeal process

Hi all
I have just had my blue badge application declined - they have acknowledged my MS but have stated as I am managing my condition with DMT and a walking cane I do not meet the criteria ! I wonder if they have ever wobbled off balance across a car park to do their shopping ?

Is anyone aware of an appeals process that I can follow or do I just need to email the local authority ?

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Can only assume they don’t think you’re wobbly enough - yet…

I got turned down the first time, got it a couple of years later.

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sadly no useful advice, I suggest you make as big a fuss as you can.
Good luck

Wow. What a load of nonsense.

I got my badge because I struggle to get out of the car in tight spaces and need the extra width that a disabled bay provides

The Blue Badge is for disability not for any disease. I battled on for a few years looking at people with Blue Badges who did not look very disabled. The crunch point for me was when I started using a walker and found I could not get back into the car in a normal space unless my wife moved it.
There are unfortunately people who blag a badge because it makes things easier for them. Different areas have different procedures to discriminate. Some benefits give automatic acceptance. I think if there is a significant gap between diagnosis and application it helps as does the need for equipment.
I was clear I could walk a decent distance with the walker but the problem was with opening the door to get it out or in.