Will I still be entitled to my Blue Badge?

I have just had a worrying conversation with someone. I was turned down for DLA in March. My Blue Badge does not expire until next year. Someone has just said to me that I will NOT get my badge renewed because I dont get DLA any more. When I first got the badge I had just come out of hospital following my diagnosis of MS so hadnt even applied for DLA, so I didnt even think about this. Is it true that only pepole claiming High rate Mobility can get a Badge now. DWP may not consider me disabled enough for DLA, but I do suffer from bad fatigue, and ‘lead feet syndrome’ which makes me fall over plus many other lovely symptoms. Without this badge I dont know how I will be able to afford to carry on working where I do, as they have no parking facilities and I cant afford car park charges public transport leaves me with what is for me an uphill 20 minute walk on the way home that I just cant do on an alright day let alone a bad day. Thought they were supposed to be encouraging disabled people to work!! Sorry to ramble on but i would appreciate it if anyone knows about these things.