Parking tickets … that have got out of hnd

Hi all,
Looking for some advice or experience. My husband (living with MS) regularly gets into trouble (endless tickets) for forgetting to put out his blue badge when parking.
Usually he writes with a copy of his badge (if he doesn’t ignore or forget to respond to the summons) and they get dropped. But we have a couple where the debt has been sold on and they have gone to court. I’ve since taken charge of these but disappointingly one has been referred for mediation in the small claims court. Does anyone have any experience/advice they can share… it’s gone from a £35 ticket to £300+ for what is essentially a free car park.
Clearly this is super distressing for him and he really doesn’t cope well with this stuff, he feels so dejected by his forgetfulness and then the stress of the consequences of all this.
Many thanks all.

Hi, if he is going out alone you need to remind him what to and also put a big notice on the dash, saying ‘BLUE BADGE’.
We’ve done this too.


Can you get his MS nurse/consultant to write a letter explaining that one of the symptoms is memory issues??

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What does he always take out of the car with him? Phone? Wallet? Velcro the badge to it when he’s going out. I am sorry about the escalating charges - no wonder you are both fed up. One of the hidden expenses of disability, alas. The fines aren’t meant for us: they’re meant for chancers, but we often end up having to pay them, and it isn’t fair.