ARGHHhhhh sodding parking fine

well one saturday morning driving and dying to use the toilet i parked my car which i thought was a pay a disply as a machine was by the car next to me. i purchased my parking ticket (while doing a dance trying to hold in me wee TMI!!)

Put said ticket in windscreen when to use the facilities then back to car and a nice parking ticket on my screen. asked parking attendant i have a ticket to be told you are parked in a residence bay.

i wrote to Islington head office to appeal and say i have MS and do not qualify for blue bagde, so parking in what i thought was a pay a display (please see photo of purchased ticket) and explained i needed to go toilet asap of i would of soiled myself (little public dance to prove it). apeal was turned down and have to pay £65.

i know there is nothing i can do, but need to let of steam and thought this the best place ha ha.

Thank you for reading.

aw anon

local authorities are having to make up their budgets any way they can.

parking and speeding tickets seem to be favourite methods.

why don’t you qualify for a blue badge?

would your ms nurse back you up as desperation to pee is a definite ms symptom?

a handy hint - petrol stations often have a subway franchise and therefore they have toilets available to the public.

let off steam as often as you like, we’ve all been there!

carole x

i presume i dont qualify as i can walk at a certain distance and certain speed. the petrol stations that were local to me dont have toilets, but i will keep that handy hint in mind.

My MS nurse has gone on Maternity leave with no cover so i do not have any nurse to contact at the moment. Could i go to my doctor?

Any thank you Carole for listening and giving helpful advice.

Yes, it’s sad but true that the current BB criteria is based on walking distance - and nothing seems to matter.
This is no problem for me, as I really cannot walk more than two steps (really two lurches) without support.

On the current BB form, if you have a medical problem, you can list the medical professional who can speak about this with some authority - so if you have seen your GP about an incontinence problem, then yes, you can put the GP’s name down.

The BB rules changed a couple of years back - well there really were too many abuses - and they could well change again. As someone who has to plan every journey to accomodate the need for a “comfort stop”, I think that the combination of a BB and a RADAR key is wonderful security. But it does pay to know which garages, cafes, and supermarkets, have toilets just in case.


Just be mindful of the impact relapses can have on your ability to walk, there could well be days where you will be struggling to walk and this needs to be factored into your blue badge application. I have to say when they changed the process I had a call from what appeared to be a junior call centre operator merely reading off a script!


Bummer! The powers that be in your case, have no heart!


I too am in the process of challenging a parking ticket. Thought I was o.k. but it seems I was parked in a residents only area. Am appealing on the basis that there was no sign to say it was a residents parking area that I could see. Not too optimistic but giving it a go -

My lady has spinal epidurals monthly to try and be mobile…she got a ticket because she had to go to public toilet.parked 10mm over line.

Once got a ticket for parking over one and a half parking spaces as the lift for the wheelchair was on the side of the van and all the disabled spaces were taken so we took up two parking spaces :slight_smile:

write to your mp or if he/she does a drop in session, speak to him/her in person.

it isnt right that you can’t park up in emergencies.

good luck

carole x