Parking fine - doh

This morning parked car as I had an appointment I was only gonna be an hour 9-10. So put in money £2, I saw clock :22 my head never registered it was 9:22 not 10:22 as it should of been. I had the money to pay for over an hour but I got muddled walked away thinking I was covered. But cam out at 9:45 wit ticket. I get muddled very easy and not sure is it due to MS but problems solving isn’t my thing these days haha. Do u think I should appeal or take it on the chin and pay?

if it’s parking eye you just cant argue but try and good luck.

carole x

I have visitor parking tickets which ihad to use the other day. I was using half hour tickets for a couple of hours I got myself in such a muddle trying to work it out that I put on an extra ticket that I didn’t have to use. And again yesterday I had to use the tickets after receiving the parking fine I got myself stressed trying to work out how many I needed so I didn’t pick up another ticket.

Hi, always worth a try at appeal. Tell `em you didnt check your ticket properly as you had to rush to an appointment.

Hope you`re successful.

luv Pollx