Can't find the word?

Hi all, I hope you have all had a good weekend. I am rrms, dx last nov after 4yrs, been on betaferon since jan.

lately, (over the past few weeks) I am having problems sometimes in finding the word I need, I just either go blank or can find a word in the same ball park but not the right one. Eg. My daughter recently sold a chest of drawers and I was relaying this to my husband, but my side of the conversation went… Becca has sold her…shelves…cupboard…drawers! It is a bit worrying as happening more often. Is this a ms thing of should I be worrying about a memory problem as well now?

thank you, sue x

Hi Sue, my daughter when stressed or upset has word finding difficulties. Words are not even similar or close to what she means, we just laugh at some of the things she comes out with but I know it is worrying and I do worry but don’t show it to her incase it increases her anxiety. She worries about it more at work as she is afraid people will think she is stupid. Stress adds to all the symptoms and for Rachael this is an ms thing. Linda x

Hello Sue

It is an ms thing, at least it better be, because I have the same problem. I avoid dealing with things over the phone, it just get’s too complicated for me…prefer to leave it to my husband.

I discussed with my neuro, just before he discharged me. He explained it was to with damage from brain lesions…for me anyway!


PS; when I say it better be the ms, I just mean I prefer that to diagnosis of dementia

I have been told by my neuro that it is the MS that causes it. I have the same problem, it is so annoying when I’m umming and arring and I used to be a very articulate person. I also have terrible memory problems (caused by MS) which get me into trouble when I’ll swear blind I’ve not done something or vice versa. Some days are worse than others though, I find when I am really fatigued I suffer more with these problems.

Kate xx

Thank you all for your replies, puts my mind at rest a bit, although I do feel the same as though people will think I am stupid - which I’m not, by the way ;-p

sue s

If I start to get muddled and confused when talking to people, I just explain that I have ms and that it’s part of the condition. So far, people have been lovely and understanding.

Of course you’re not stupid Sue. You know that and the people who love you know that…so that’s ok

Noreen x

I get this too. If I get stressed it makes it worse so I have to force myself to relax and then sometmes (not always) the word will pop into my mind.

I also say a sentence and it comes out the complete opposite of what I really mean. Luckily those who know me well are used to making sense of the nonsense I come out with.

Tracey x

I’m another one that gets this. It happens mostly when I’m stressed or tired… don’t worry about it, you might make it worse. I just explain (very briefly!) about my MS & leave it that, anyone who won’t make allowances aren’t worth bothering about.

Rosina x

I also find me suffering this problem. It is embarassing because i can see people making a judgement about my intelligence, I dont like to tell everyone that I have MS. Instead i simply laugh it off and change the subject as best as I can. Then i revert back to the topic later when hopfeully i have found the word(s)

I too get this sometimes and my memory isn’t what it used to be. I do a pub quiz and it’s so frustrating as the answer is there but it takes longer for me to remember it.


words & spelling really are not my freinds some times, & when in an indepth conversation i loose my speed of reply & formation of sentence,

names, dates even days leave me! I carnt handle too many peaple at the same time, i just brings me stress!! i hate confruntation as i carnt get my words out quik enough and thats so not like the old me, this brings on anger & stress, things i dont need.

luckely when my phone rings i just let it ring if its somone i dont wont to talk to, as i like my ring tone ( wheels of confusion ) quite appt relly, so dont get too concernd your not alone or mad, and if they dont understand, i aint got the time,

js smile, stay safe,


Thank you everyone for your replies, it is comforting to know it is not just me! I also love knitting but although one of my daughters is due a baby in three weeks, have not been able to concentrate on a pattern.

I hope all have a good day, the sun has just broken through here in Beaconsfield! , and I am sat having a cuddle with my three year old grandson whilst watching ‘dinosaur train’! ;-p. x

Oh yes, I’m the same. My grown up children find this aspect of my ms hilarious. I laugh too… No point in doing owt else xx Julie xx

I have this. It is most annoying when I actually know the word I want to say but cannot ‘speak’ it. It also affects my writing, especially with numbers, so I can be thinking 8 and actually write 7. I can be thinking ‘yes’ and actually say ‘no’.

Its like there is a strange gap between thought and communication.

Fortunately, I have some nice people around me who help without laughing at me too much!!