Muddled sentences, words & confusion?

I’ve been experiencing this a lot. Could this be MS related or just me ?


I get this quite a lot. Often saying things backwards (which is quite hard when you try to do it), I get words mixed up, so it sounds a bit like the word I want, but means something totally different and to top it off perfectly and my favorite…I’ll randomly drop the word elephant into the conversation and not notice I’ve done it until the person I’m talking to looks confused and tells me! I’ve met 2 other people that have said elephant randomly too (they have MS as well), which is even stranger!



Hi there,

Its definately not just you! I get this all the time, wrong words, back to front words or sometimes no words at all! MS can be responsible for all sorts of issues such as memory and thinking, etc just more fun to add to the mix I guess. Try not to worry about it, I’ve found that tends to make it worse. BTW I’ve not experienced elephant appearing in my sentences but it sounds fun!

Jenni xx

I’m always getting my mucking words fuddled!! :frowning:

hi, i too have been getting muddled when talking and also not finding the right word, also a very slight trouble trying to actually get the word out, almost a stutter. only lasts a few seconds, then ok again. (no elephants though)!

Me too! I am a teacher so it can be very funny for the kids…slightly annoying for me. Thank god for google. We google words I have gone totally blank on. They just think I am a bit nuts. X

Farmerswife, this made me laugh out loud!

My friends have got used to deciphering my sentences - I also say the exact opposite of what I mean!! Sometimes if I have something else on my mind, that comes out instead of the word I do want to say which can result in some odd looks!

Tracey x

i get this too.

have to go to the shop later for some chineapple punks

oh sorry i meant pineapple chunks elephant

carole x

I have a teacher friend on Facebook who was trying to explain to Year 11 students what a Teddy Boy was. She wanted to say they were whizzing and jazzing everywhere but instead said they were jizzing everywhere.

Result = a hysterical room full of 16 year olds … there’s no taking it back once you’ve said it!

Tracey xx

Not in Blue Suede Shoes surely.Your friend could end up as cool as Her Majesty,after she ‘jumped’ out of a chopper at the Olympics.

Wb x

It’s not you. I come across as permanently drunk without touching a drop.

I get my words muddled all the time too, my kids think it’s hillarious (except when i get their names muddled)

Close friends know what i’m trying to say (usually) and other mums at the school gate probably think i’m a drunk!

Hi everyone,

I find myself saying the wrong word and then asking the person I’m talking too why I said it!

And then there are the “blank” moments one minute i’m having a conversation and next, I’ve completely forget what i’m talking about or indeed what the conversation was about and have to ask the person I’m talking too to re-run snippets to get my brain back into gear.

does anyone else have this prob?

Joysee x

All the time Joysee, and its even worse if there are other distractions too like a tv or radio on :frowning: it’s mucking flaverlous isnt it x

I was about to say to thay the thame thing!


I work in a restaurant and last week a customer asked me for a small latte, as it was busy and very noisy i missed exactly what she ordered and so I apologised that i hadn’t heard all her order and said and I quote “was it a large or sh**e latte you ordered” eee we did laugh.

Joy x

I’m loving these posts as they make me feel normal lol!!

I’m loving these posts as they make me feel normal lol!!

Yes me too!!!

As Mr Grumpy was saying, I walk and I talk like I’m drunk…think I’ll have some wine tonight