Talking gobbledygook

Hello :slight_smile: thought I would share one of my problems that I get quite a lot. I’m sure this must happen to other people? Yesterday, mother and stepdad pop round. We put the world to rights generally. So there I am, spouting off and giving my two penneth; when all of a sudden I feel like my mouth is in slow motion. My tongue was useless and I’m blabbing. Its hard to describe but that’s what happens. It’s as if I had a mouth full of porridge and I’m trying to talk at the same time? It happens quite a lot. Sometimes I can’t answer the phone when it’s bad as they can’t understand me the other end :confused: if my brother gets in touch, he’s got used to texting first to see if I can talk ( bless him). I’m confident if I’m out with someone else, they can do the talking :slight_smile: but on days I’m alone and it’s bad, I won’t go anywhere I need to talk…my allotment is good, nice and quiet. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do to help myself, I’m not messing about with testing or whatever they do, I’m having enough of those :wink: but. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has this problem too. Xx

Hello Beverly You’ve come to the right place for a consultation on gobbledygook :slight_smile: Most days I manage to talk in this new language lol…the more stressed I get about it the worse it becomes. I’m always with someone when I go out now so it’s not too much of an issue because they can take over. If I’m on the phone and it happens, I simply say I have ms and this is what can happen sometimes for me and just bear with me please. So far, I’ve always had polite/helpful responses. Take care, Noreen :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear, Thankyou. I usually find that if I’m on the phone and gobbledygook kicks in, I can’t even explain myself : s it’s given me food for thought. I will have to come up with something to help myself when that happens. Hey! Maybe I could record the explanation on my mobile, and play it when needed? Hmmm xx

You take a deep breath and start all over again…I think that’s a song

Well I did it, I’m trying to build up my confidence I suppose. Tonight the landlady phoned and the gobbledygook started. I took a breath and repeated what I said. Yay! At least I know it works now xxthanksxx