speech difficulty??

hi everyone.

i am just curious about speech difficulties in ms. ive been struggling for a while , it started as finding it hard mid sentence to find words and now i get times where if i am talking and some words are dragged out, hard to explain… for example if i was saying explain it might come out expppppppllllain, or ttttttttalking… if this makes sense?

its mostly in the evenings but i get embarased when its in public.

does anyone else experience this?

Hi Mickyboy, I have problems with speech. When I am talking my mind goes blank and it takes me a while to find the word I want to say. I also completely forget what I am talking about which is very embarrassing with people I do not know. I feel that my speech is slower now to enable my brain to catch up.regards Kim

hi kim,

thank you for replying , i totally get forgetting what your talking about. it takes me a while sometimes to click back into what is going on and finish whatever it is im saying… memory for me is a bit of a shocker too.

thank you again,

i hope your doing ok.