New speech symptom - any insights appreciated!

Hi all!

At the weekend, my speech failed abruptly. Usually, when I’m tired, it will slur and become hesitant and scanning, but it doesn’t just fail between one word and the next. I was visiting friends, and half-way through asking for a glass of water - nothing. No slurring, problems with swallowing or breath control, I simply couldn’t make words. In the past, when I’ve struggled, it’s been with working out how to articulate specific sounds - placement of tongue and lips sort of thing. This was more like hitting a brick wall. I could make incomprehensible sounds, but I couldn’t get past the first sound of any recognisable word.

Fortunately, I was able to write things down and explain what was happening, and by the next day things were almost back to normal.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I was wondering if this could be due to stress - last week, I had the delightful news that I will be losing my job in August, as the new ‘Youth Offer’ apparently has no need of my role. I was upset and a bit stressed, as you can imagine, as I’ve been working in this job for ten years and - although it’s difficult and challenging - I felt that I was doing something worthwhile and obviously the money is important. I’ve also been caring for one of the friends I was visiting (my visit was to take her home after a month with me) and my mother, who is elderly and currently unwell. I’m generally a bit run down, but not ill, and I haven’t had any significant relapses since I started on Tysabri almost three years ago.

Any insights or reassurance that I haven’t broken my brain any more than usual would be gratefully received!

Hya, stress can affect all MS symptoms badly and I too have experienced this with talking… though not as badly as you… but I have a thing where I start a sentence and just cannot finish it… partly because I run out of energy and partly because my mind goes blank. But I have noticed it is worse when I’m stressed out.

Speech therapists can help problems like yours. See your GP or MS or neuro and get a referral.

Sorry you’re losing your job… yes it’s not wonder you’re stressed and perhaps suffering more fatigue than you’re prepared to admit to yourself. Try and find ways to relax and get as much rest as you can. You’ve got a lot on you plate right now and it’s bound to affect your MS.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

I mean GP or MS NURSE or neuro… Px