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I have recently have had an apisode as MS where my speech has been effected. I have had steriod treatment however my speech doesnt seem to be improving, im not sure my speech will return to normal. Has anyone been through this and what are your experiances?



Hi Emma, Really interested in responses to your post! I also had a relapse that affected my speech and it has been so slow to improve. ( about 15 months since my last major relapse) I’m fine sitting at home but the minute I get anxious or tired or try to walk and talk I seem to stutter, become breathless and forget my words. :frowning: not good when I manage a large team in a dept store and have recently found out that my role is being made redundant. I feel stupid when I have meetings with my team and talk to customers because of my speech. Hope you get better soon and get some answers Lots of hugs Bluebell x.

I lost my gag a few years back. I still have problems with my swallowing. I get hicups whenever I eat too. My speech went completely. It was slow and slurred. I was put on iv steroids and even had to have an NJ tube to feed. Over time it does improve. Mine has gone back to normal now. When I’m tired I slurr and stutter, tiredness also means I have to think harder about what I’m saying. But for me guys it came back and with time I hope yours will too. TBH after a few months mine came back to normal so best to check with your MS nurses for advice. Maybe they can ref you to SALTS to help improve things. Best of luck x

I got a referral to a speech therapist - it took a while but I can talk normally now.

Thanks for your responses.

I have got a referal from my MS nurse to see a speech therapst but apparently theres at 6-8 weeks waiting list :frowning:

How did you find speech therapy? Was it imperative to you recovery?

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Speecha nd gag refleex both improveds when I went on high dose vitamin D. Consider starting with Now softgels 5,000 IU daiuly, then increase until you start to feel a difference. Most MSers end up between 30,000 and 50,000 IU daily. Don’t know if you can get Now brand in the UK. If not, look for one in an olive oil base.

Latest research shows that vitamin D deficiency is the number one risk for MS. You are north of the 40th parallel so the risk is even higher.

Vitamin D fights brain atrophy and lesions. Aids in walking and using arm. Improves energy levels.

You can get a blood test that shows your D level. Safe range given is usually 30-100 ng/ml. But no one has ever taken too much D when blood level is up to 250 ng/ml, and MSers do best at 100-150 ng/ml.

Hope you feel better very soon!