help on how to stop

I keep talking chunks out of my cheek not sure when I am doing it as doesn’t hurt anyone got suggestions as how to stop it

i do this too, its a pain in the a*se but i just live with it

think its stress related

Hi Rach, I’m not sure if its subconcious or intentional ? I have problems eating, instead of my food I chew my tongue or lip, both my paate and my jaw seem to have a mind of their own socmetimes and its not psychosomatical, I think it may be an ms symptom if its not intentional Its an interesting question. Frank.

It def not intentionally done never usedto do it but i have been having new pprobldms since last week so will add to the list lol

Hi Rachy, I forgot to mention it affects my speech too which is disconcerting. Its got better over the past few months fingers crossed yours does too. Good luck Rachy. Frank.