Speech problems

Sheesh. I can’t seem to get the words out that I want to at the moment. Feel so stupid.

Anyone know anything that helps (other than avoiding speaking)?


I can only suggest what worked for me…slowing down and concentrating hard on what I wanted to say instead on rambling on in my usual way! It eased off after a few weeks for me. I tried to think ahead to the next thing I wanted to say so I could be prepared if that makes sense?! It was one of my most frustrating symptoms to date - especially when trying to deal with my children! Hope it gets better x

When frantically waving your hands in the air, doing the “starts with an r, sounds like…” guessing game or doing charades isn’t appropriate, slowing down is about the only option. If you are waiting for a gap in someone else’s speech to speak, then try to mentally rehearse what you are going to say so you know you have all the right words in place.

If it’s more about speaking clearly, then you could ask for a referral to speech therapy - they work with all sorts of neurological-related speech problems and can be really helpful.

It’s really common :frowning:

Karen x

I was buying wallpaper in Laura Ashley recently and asked for washing powder instead of wallpaper paste!

Ha! Thanks everyone. I will try the speaking more slowly. That will probably do me some good anyway.

Oho, me too. Some years ago I went into a pet shop to ask for some wild bird seed, but strangely asked for some wild bird sh1t. They didn’t sell that, but had a good laugh.

My husbands speach problems give us a giggle what was that?,He trys to say it again, it comes out backwards ,slurrs, or stutters sometimes he sounds drunk. He has to really concentrate and say it slowly then it comes out right. x jue