A bit scary

Hi all, I have had a few new symptoms just lately which I can cope with, I do forget words and people’s names and have to concentrate whilst I am talking. I was on my way home the other night and it was dark, I was driving on a road with no lights so needed to use my full beam but I couldn’t remember how to switch it on, I had to stop the car and sit and think about it for a couple of mins, I have had the same car for nearly three years !! I did remember in the end but it did upset me. Does this happen to other peeps? Thanks. Karen

Sorry, another memory loss I meant to post this on everyday living, which I have now done !! Lol

I really feel my memory is affected. I went to my GP who really feels that its more me worrying about my memory than it actually being a problem. I have to say that did make me feel slightly fobbed off and I laughed it off saying fine if I kill someone on your head be it. ha ha x I wonder if its the fatigue that makes our memory worse.

Hi Alison, it is really weird I wonder if it has anything to do with where abouts in our brains the lesions are. Who knows ?

Hi to you both

I’m the same. There are days when my memory & speech is shot to bits and this nearly always coincides with me feeling pretty rotten or even more whacked out than usual. The weather can make a difference too - you know, extreme temperatures - the cold, then in the summer the humidity (although I love the sun).

Have either of you looked on ‘staying smart’ - it’s part of the ms trust website although you’ll find it if you google it too. It has tips and ideas on gadgets to help with cognitive/memory issues, plus you can add your own ideas if you want too.

I have diaries, calendars, post it-notes - even a blackboard at home to remind me of stuff - and my office is even more congested with ‘reminders’…lol…I use my phone alarm for various things too and also use ‘ta-da’ on my pc (think that’s the right name!) which works a bit like a task reminder.

Of course this doesn’t stop me doing, quite frankly ridiculous things, at times but they sure help

Debbie xx

Hi Karen

I know exactly what you mean - last week I was driving home from Tamworth and halfway home I completely forgot for a few seconds what I was supposed to do to drive a car - it was like I had no concept of the actions required. The feeling passed and I felt odd - it was only when I got home that I realised I had driven all the way home in second gear. I find it best to laugh at myself!

So it’s not just you but these weird brain things do catch us unawares don’t they. I was once in Waitrose and went to pay, opened my purse and just stared at it - I suddenly had no concept of what money was or how to put it together and had to apologise and pass my purse to the cashier - I really felt such an idiot but it clicked back later and I was ok. Weird.