wait.....whats that again???

Good evening :slight_smile: Havent been about much been a very busy month! Finally sitting down with my feet up…lovely Anyway just bit freaked out really some advice needed please. The past few days I have been hit with sudden short term memory loss…very annoying. I say something then 10 minutes later im asking the same question! Although I have already heard the answer its like its new information to me again. My partner is getting very annoyed with me now and he no longer finds it funny. I can pick up a phone and completely forget why I went to it in the first place. To be honest im a lottle frightened that this has happened so suddenly. Does anyone else get this and is it an ms thing or something else. How can I stop it??? Thanks hope you are all well :slight_smile: xxx

I put it down to lack of concentration. Cognitive issues seem to affect lots of people with MS, you say you’ve had a busy month so you’re probably very tired, and fatigue is another MS problem. Of course it’s easy to put everything that ails us down to MS if you are seriously worried a visit to your GP wouldn’t harm. Best wishes Jan

Thanks for the advice Jan. Have neuro appointment in 2 weeks may speak to him about it. Feel like im forever at the doctors its like my first home :slight_smile: Pretty new to all this still and didnt think my memory would be affected as didnt know ms could do that. Probably a bit nieve of me. Will my memory come back soon? Is this possibly new thing that comes and goes? Xx

Like everything else it affects different people in different ways. It’s good you see your Neuro soon, as you say you can ask him. Do you have an MS nurse you can ring? Jan