memory getting worse

hi everyone

just wondering if any of you have had problem with your memory, i mean getting worse, mine is dreadful at the minute…If i have any wine or spirits on a night out/get togethers, i can totally forget conversations.

Is this normal? I don’t know as i’m trying to understand and get my head round things?

ty x

Cognitive problems are very common in MS, but are generally quite mild vs memory/cognitive disorders. I’ve had periods when I’ve lost the ability to do cognitive things and they’ve come back, but my memory, learning, word finding and numeracy are definitely on the decline. If you are concerned, then please ask to see a neuropsychologist - they specialise in cognitive difficulties because of problems in the brain. Karen x

Hiya…I can join you in that club.I often have no memory of complete conversations and their outcomes. So when I ask something again I just get-the look-and “we have already done this mom”

I then begin to think folk are trying to make me appear mad,or get one over on me,so then I become paranoid!!! aint life fun with brain farts.

As Karen says it is usually more of a pain than anything else but I guess at work it would cause problems…it got me out of the ironing the other day as we have a fold in half board and with the best will in the world I couldnt remember how to put it up.

Someone else on her was going for a memory assessment so there is help out there if needed.

Have a good day


thanks Karen & Pip :slight_smile:


i’m always meetin people in the street, shops and forget their names till i’m way past…feel like a numpty!!

ty m x