Experiences of Friendly Ghosts

guardian angel?

I once went on holiday to Tenerife with my daughter then 3 and my Mum & Dad when we arrived at our apartments it was had an eerie feeling to it. The appartment itself was nice enough it was just that it was in the basement of the hotel and it looked like it had never had a visitor in it? Anyway Mum & Dad took the bedroom along with my daughter and I opted for the bed settee in the lounge, one night whilst asleep I woke suddenly with what I thought was Mum raiding the fridge in the kitchen (behind me) I called out her name but nothing?? There was deffinatley someone there I could see them from the light of the fridge but couldn’t make out who it was, after laying in a frozen state (my body just wouldn’t move) I eventually fell back to sleep then an hour or so later the lamp behind me went on at the lowest setting (very dim) I could see in the corner of the appartment a man in body armour??? S**t I’ve never run as fast in all my life down to Mum and Dad’s room at the far end of the appartment.

Mum said I must have been dreaming errrr no I wasn’t eventually we all fell asleep when suddenly dad sat bolt upright in bed with his fists out as if ready to punch someone, he said there was someone in the room with us, now Dad dosent believe in ghosts or anything like it, but he said he’d never experienced anything like it in his life.

Thankfully we only had one more night to stay there as we were going to the other end of the island for the rest of our holiday, but that last day there after a day at the beach we returned to find all my daughters things shrewn all over the appartment but nothing missing - it certainley wasn’t a friendly ghost wasn’t that one.

Poltergeist. Must have been scary…great ghost story though

It certainly was and an experience I’ll never forget x

My mum always knew when her mum was visiting her as she could smell lilacs - my gran’s favourite flower. My dad thought this was rubbish as he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

When my niece was young, she often used to go downstairs and complain to my sister in law that she couldn’t stay in her bedroom because it stank of flowers. Mum believed that this was my gran checking on the rest of the family. Children are more sensitive to things.

Shortly after my mum died, we had been out for the day. We came back home and I went to hang our coats up at the bottom of the stairs. The staircase smelt of mum’s perfume. I don’t wear perfume and the house had been empty for hours.

We used to live in an old farmhouse when I was in my teens. Mum often used to see a grey lady standing by the window and quite often after she had seen her we would get bad news about a family member (eg death of an uncle). Then some neighbours told us that an old lady had lived there, she was called Minnie and had always dressed in grey. She had been housebound for the last few years of her life and had always sat by the window looking out. She also had a little black cat. This was the bit that spooked me as I had never seen the grey lady but a couple of times I had told mum that the cat had just gone behind mum’s chair and mum would reply saying she can’t have as she had just let our cat our half an hour ago! Strange that I could see the cat but not the lady …


It really does make you think doesn’t it? I am enjoying reading all of this personal experiences.


This may sound daft but before DX I worked in an emergency dept. While I was suspected to have ms, loads of ppl who were brought in were suffering various degrees of the illness. Then one night whilst on nightshift the nurse in charge asked me to get the menu’s to order takeaway. Now the drawer that held the menu’s was usually full of various ones… but that night I pulled the drawer open and it was empty except for one leaflet… and that one was titled MS, no the symptoms. I swear to this day a loved one that’d passed over was telling me something in the best way they could. It was spooky…

That sort of thing happens to me all of the time.

We were out for a meal once and all of a sudden for reasons which I don’t know I said to my hubby, we have to go home, someone has put an urgent note through our front door. Hubby looked at me as if I had gone cuckoo.

When we got home a friend of mine had put a note through the door to say that she had locked herself out of her house and needed the key that we kept. (This was before we all had mobile phones).

Shazzie xx

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