For my dad on Father's day

Y tad i mi. (My father)

On every golden page a smile
on every wisp of hair a tear
on every line of skin a care
on every laboured breath a tale
Y tad i mi, y tad i mi, forever you will shine.

For my lovely dad who died eighteen months ago.


Ah, I’m really sorry to hear this. I think I know who you are. You should try to let it go. I know it’s very easy for me to say, I don’t know what you went through as a child. I am lucky, I had two very loving parents.

Children should be cherished, loved and nurtured. You’re father was very wrong to bully you and to make your life a misery and I am very sorry for that.

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that was lovely to read.

i’m also lucky to have had two loving parents.

my mum died young but dad is going strong at 82.

carole x


My mother was Welsh and an angel.

As I grew up I was astonished that there was so much evil that she’d shielded me from. My girlfriends, who had been abused, told me.

Even as she died of cancer she was supporting everyone around her more that we helped her.

It’s her inspiration/spirit that keeps me buoyed up. She wrote great poetry too! Thank you Welshboy for reminding me. Every day is Mother’s Day in my heart. Must go now, the monitor is getting blurry.

Best wishes,


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Thanks. My mum is a star too. She’s a good Lancashire woman originally but settled in Wales. She’s had Cancer twice. There are some fabulous people out there and we shouldn’t forget that.

I have massive problems my beautiful girl. I haven’t seen her for nine months. It breaks my heart everyday and even more on Father’s day.

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hiya welshboy

very touching-thank you.

my dad took his own life over 30 yrs ago-you learn to cope but never forget.



When some people say, “I suppose you get over it”, I reply, “No, I learned to live with it”. I suppose this is an attitude that applies to all suffering.