My dad 13/07/2013 RIP

My Dad died, aged 74, on the 13th of July morning from a cardiac arrest, he had been in fairly good health up to a couple of weeks ago when his collitis seemed to flare up again and GP said he had a bowel infection and gave him antibiotics on the 11th of July but he only got to the 13th. Really big shock as he was always as fit as a fiddle but I suppose as he got older, collitis and mild diabetes (he never watched his diet) took its toal on him. Massive gap in my Mum’s and my own life but we can take comfort from the fact that he didn’t suffer any pain in the end, he couldn’t have handled lying in hospital or being left really ill, its a long road without him but his spirit will always be with us, we only have one dad…God bless…

so sorry to hear of your sad loss.


jaki xx

Oh darlin, my heart goes out to you.

Yes, we only have 1 dad and 1 mum…they are missed terribly, it`s like a huge piece of us went with them.

We lost our mum 12 years ago. She`d been poorly with heart problems for years and died in hospital. It was the worst time of us 3 sisters lives.

But just 3 weeks later, dad followed, when he died suddenly at home. Like your dad, our`s would never have coped in hopsital. Another painful loss. Emptying their flat and dealing with their possessions killed us. Still hurts today.

But what we have and must hold on to, is the fact that we were lucky to have had such loving parents, who equipped us with the strength to go on.

It will take a lot of dealing with, pet, but keep strong and look after your dear mum.

much love, Pollyxxxx

My thoughts are with you Lost my dear mum a couple of months ago . Never easy Sorry for your loss

Oh Redman,

I’m so, so sorry. At least your father didn’t suffer (…not that that would be anything like consolation).

Hope you and your mother both find strength in each other and know that Dad’s at peace now, and looking down on you both with great love.


So sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts are with you.

Laura x

So sorry for your loss - thinking of you. Loosing a parent at any age is horrible - loosing anyone for that matter of fact sucks! Hugs x

Thanks so much folks…

I’m so sorry xx Sam x

Very sorry for your sad loss

Jaycie x

I am so sorry for your loss.

Take care

Wendy xxx

So sorry for your loss Redman. I’m sure you have lots of great memories of him that you can reflect on when you want to. Teresa xx

I’m so sorry. It is impossible to be ready for the loss of a parent or anyone close to us. I really feel for you and your mum and hope that you will find comfort together when remembering the happy times.

Be thinking of you at this sad time.

Shazzie xx

Condolences on your loss from me and MrH. Catherine Xx

I am so sorry for your loss, I hope you and your Mum find strength

from one another at this sad time.

Pam x

My condolences at the passing of you’re father. Thinking you and your mum my love and best wishes. Sara x

No words, just thoughts.

So sorry to hear that your Dad’s gone. I hope that all the happy memories start to fill that gap in your and your Mum’s lives before too long.

Lolli xx

Deepest condolences. My thoughts are with you

Sharon x

Hi Redman,

Sorry to hear of your Fathers passing, my thoughts are with you and your family