My Dad went peacefully on the 8th of September, we are all very sad especially mum they’d been married 55 years. I was relieved in many ways because it is so sad seeing someone you love so poorly. Dad was nearly 80 so he’d done well. It’s been hard for us girls there’s four of us, mum’s really not coping so we’ve had to help out a lot . I feel bad because I can’t do a lot I’ve been going on the train when I can and stayed over on Wednesday night it was hard because her house isn’t set up for a disabled person I had to leave my wheelchair fastened with a bike lock to her railing out side her back gate, and crawl up her path. I have a bit of mobility but still not great. The funerals on the 28th it’s seem quite a long wait but it’s so relatives can get across. Our family are Jehovah’s witnesses so we have lots of support from the congregation . My Mum’s got so many cards everybody loved my Dad.its a good support network and though we are sad we believe that we will see my dad again when God makes the earth a better place. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle (& Frazer), I’m so sorry to hear that your Dad has now passed away :frowning: He’s no longer in any pain and can now rest in peace. Sending you & your family my sincere condolences, prayers and thoughts at this sad time. Michelle please don’t feel that you haven’t done a lot as nobody will think that at all, you’ve done what you could in what has been a very difficult time for you and your family. Bless your Mum, she will get through this as she has you and your sisters and as a family you will all pull together and support each other and as you say you have a lot of support from the congregation too. Take comfort from all the happy memories you have of your Dad and that you will one day be reunited with him :slight_smile: Sending love and hugs to you all. Twinkle Toes xxx

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Sending love to you and Frazer, so sorry for your loss but glad he’s no longer in pain. Take good care of yourself too, I’m glad to hear there’s plenty of support and please don’t stress about what you can’t do. You’re in my thoughts.

Sonia xxx

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Thank you so much your words are so kind. Love from Michelle xx

Thanks Sonia , the support has been brilliant mum has so many cards and offers of support my Dad was loved by lots of people. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle

I am so sorry to read your news, my thoughts are with all of you at this sad time, but please don’t put yourself down as to what you cannot do, the things you do will mean so much to your Mum and sisters, they do understand.

Take care and keep all your memories close. (((Hugs)))

Pam x

Hi Michelle I am so sorry to hear your sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. I am glad that you all have such a good support network, so important at a time like this. Sending love and hugs. Sue xx

Hi Michelle i am so sorry to hear your sad news,sending lots of love and prayers to you and your family.


J x

Hi Michelle,

I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, sending you love and hugs!

Pam is right, please don’t put yourself down, I’m sure your company helps her enormously.

Take Care,

Love Nina xx

So sorry to hear your news. Your memories will help you at this difficult time.

Thinking of you all.


Hello Michelle.

I’m sorry to hear your sad news. You’re a hero for helping your mum out. Every little thing helps.

I had to use ramps to get into my dad’s old terrace. The doorways had that special “Steve was here” marks where I’d bashed them.

Losing parents is hard to cope with.

I miss both of mine.

Hugs and dog biscuits.

Steve x woof.


Thanks Steve and everyone else, I tried to post earlier but glitch in the system wouldn’t let me the funerals on friday the 28th I feel so overwhelmed by everything and tired more tired than I’ve been in ages . Lee’s been away with work and I’ve tried to cope. Sadness hits me a train and I feel like a five year old crying for my Daddy. Rochelles been here with Naomi and Laura twin granddaughters. They are lovely but exhausting but then at least they make me smile. Steve you lost your Dad recently…does it get easier? I feel particularly for my mum , even though he was nearly eighty it was a shock. I went out with my sister June on Friday and we got a personal shopper in Debenhams they are free it was a big help we got everything we needed just sat in a cosy room with Tea and coffee and Frazer asleep on his blanket . I must remember to do it again under happier circumstances. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

After the shock of losing my dad, it’s taken a period of adjustment to realise that he’s gone and our lovely quirky old house is up for sale.

I have gathered a lot of old photos and stuff to put in an album. It helps me. I like it when people share the memories of my parents.

Best wishes. Steve x woof.

BIG HUGS from Margate Michelle and a Whoof for Frazer


It will get easier Michelle in time,you will learn how to live with it.I lost my Mum very suddenly 18yr ago and at the same time we had to put Dad into a care home as he had dementia,so i felt like i had lost both of them at the same time,i could not grieve for my Mum as i was too busy sorting Dad out.I lost Dad 12 year ago.Its hard loosing our parents whatever age we are.

J x