Wow! I am blown away with peoples generosity - and no, I’m not being sarcastic. I have just started a just giving page to raise awareness and funds towards MS research and have been surprised by the few donations I have already, just a few hours after setting it up! This year is mine and my husbands 25th wedding anniversary and to do something exciting we thought it’d be fun to do something exciting, and as my daughter is representing GB in the World Rope Skipping Championships, this year in Paris, we thought we’d kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak and cycle there! Now I’m not the regular cycle type of girl - just a middle aged woman who used to love playing sport but has come a bit unstuck recently with a couple of relapses following my diagnosis 10 years ago and so I thought it’d be a great idea, after seeing the post about the NICE guidelines, and the fact that I am recovering from a recent relapse it’d be a great opportunity to raise awareness and some funds to help finance some research towards finding a cure. Well, within just 2 hrs i have raised £70 and to think I was just going to ride my bike on holiday! Friends have donated as well as an anonymous donator, to whom I’m very grateful. Hopefully, after I see my Neuro in August I will be posting about my DMD’s. I’ll let you all know how I’m getting on. #feelinggrateful :slight_smile:


24 hrs later and that figure has gone up to £180! £30 over my target, 2 people I don’t even know have donated. Simply amazing.

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That’s fab, congratulations. Must be such a great feeling to get a positive response!

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Well done on the fund raising.

I’ve also been impressed with people’s thoughtfulness and kindness in other ways, whether it’s complete strangers holding a door open, while I stagger towards it with my two crutches, or colleagues at work bringing me cups of tea and water etc.

life with MS is difficult most people’s kindness makes it that wee bit easier.


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