So Proud of Jordan

Just wanted everyone to know Jordan’s donations are going very very well. £386 to date.

Both my sons have witnessed some very horrible moments during the 12 years I have had MS.

It filled me with pride when Jordan said he wanted to run the Bristol 10K on 13th May to raise money for the MS Society. My other son and wife to be will be doing the Mudder later on in the year to raise money for MS too.

When I was first diagnosed I worried that I would not be able to carry out “mum duties” properly and would hold them back. In actual fact having MS has done the reverse and their experiences with me struggling in the home has turned them both into kind, caring and wonderful young men.

It’s nice to put a positive post on here.

​Thanks again to those who have donated. This made Jordan very happy.

Shazzie xx

Well I am not surprised you are proud Shazzie, you should be proud of yourself too hon.

Bringing up a family when you are fit and well can be hard but you did it with ms and sounds like you did a fantastic job.

Good luck to Jordan for the run.


Bless you Ell. That’s such a lovely thing to say.

Both my sons have seen me at my very worst and both sons have helped no end. During one very bad relapse they helped me at some very low points of my illness Jordan is such a sensitive soul and he now works in mental health,

His total so far is £525. His training is going very well and he now manages 10k in 48 minutes.

Thanks again Ell for your wonderfully kind words.

Shazzie xxx