Jordan Did It!!

Hi all,

Jordan did his 10k today and did it in 48.55.

I know a lot on here have donated and I thought you would like to know how it went.

Thanks again for your donations. He has raised £620 for MS.

From A Very Proud Mum


Well done Jordan, fantastic achievement. And thank you for the find raising.


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Thanks Val,

I will pass your message on to Jordan. It was a fantastic day.

Shazzie xx

Thanks for the update Shazzie and congrats to Jordan, i am not a runner so don’t really have much clue but sounds a pretty decent time, was he pleased with it?


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Great to hear a proud mum. Good work Jordan


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Hi Ollie

Yes. He was super pleased with the time. This was his first 10k. He came in 4th in the first time runner group. I am so proud of him.

Thanks for your support Ollie.

Shazzie xxx

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Thanks Mick.

Yes. I’m super proud of him not only for doing so well in his run but for the passion he showed for trying his best to make money for MS. So heart warming.

Thanks for your support Mick.

Shazzie xx