Donation to MS Society

Hi all

Last Sunday my daughter run half marathon at Silverston and chose MS Society as her charity. She managed to raise £277 through her sponsored run and through the cake sale at her Uni. She baked all cakes and it looked very professional, she said that if she had more cakes to sell they would have gone. As a mother I’m very proud, thought I’d let you know.

PS. I don’t post here much but I’m visiting the forum probably twice a day so feel I ‘know’ you well.



That is really good. Well done to your daughter.

That’s great Maryla, my daughters doing the cake bake this year (1st time of doing anything in the 20 yrs I’ve had MS) she’s already had £85 just in donations. You have every right to be proud Sue x

Hi Maryla Well done to your daughter raising that money, you should be proud! I hope she kept a cake for you. Polly x

Fantastic , lovely thing to do Gray x

Thank you all very much! My daughter Emilia is a very good cook, something she picked up in her secondary school and at home.

Whenever she visits home she usually bakes, fabulous girl. Apologies for boasting, typical maother!

Bambi19, good luck with your daughter’s cake bake.

best wishes