fundraising ideas??

I’ve been off work for nearly 4 weeks due to a bad experience with the medication I was on. But it’s made me think that I like to do something to raise funds for ms. Thank fully I’m back at work 2moro, but the last few weeks has definitely got me thinking. Has anyone got any suggestions or have you done any successful fundraising? I’d like to hear people’s stories & any suggestions that you may have to put me in the direction :slight_smile: Thank you :relaxed:

hi minnie

what about a cake bake?

or collecting in supermarkets?

have you asked your local branch?

carole x

Hi Minnie,

As Carole said, ask at your local MS branch, I know mine are always fundraising.

As for something quicker a cake bake at work?

Cherry x

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I agree with the above comments about a Cake Break, but not necessarily doing all the work yourself but roping friends and families in to help. Last year I had hoped to do a Zip Wire event organised by MS Cymru but because my husband was at the time undergoing chemo I withdrew (and now regret that decision). Having said that, the previous year I roped a local school in to do a Cake Break ( schools are always happy for press coverage and Social media e.g. Twitter) plus the local cafe which gives itself over to our local MS Support group one evening a month.

The last one I did was the easiest ever because I happened to have a ‘special’ birthday in January. My husband when he arranged my party asked for donations in lieu of gifts to MS Society Cymru/Wales and I was thrilled that we raised £650 via his justgiving page.

There are some great ideas here too…

All the best for whatever you choose to do :slight_smile:

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Get people (such as at your local MS Society branch or MS treatment centre) to help organise a spring, summer, autumn or winter fair. They may do this already though.

I went to a summer one a few years ago, raising funds for a charity (not MS). 50p entry, was very popular. It sold good condition and new unwanted goods, from books, CD’s, DVD’s, toiletries, kitchen pans, crockery etc, unwanted accessories such as handbags, belts, hats.

The accessories, toiletries and kitchen stalls were very popular. It was not like a jumble sale but still reasonable prices for things.

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Hi Minnie Mouse,

Favourite and easy fund raising event - a handbag sale.

Ask everyone you know to donate any good condition unloved handbags .

Have a house party and sell them - handbags fit everyone and don’t need to be tried on. Who can resist a pre loved handbag for a fraction of the new price. Price as you think fit.

Any leftover donate to a local charity shop.

My friend held one and made lots of money, I bought three. Two practical ones and one a frivolous pink clutch bag - when it only cost £5 I couldn’t resist.

Good luck.

Jen x

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Thanks Jen, that’s a brilliant idea. Love it :slight_smile: