MS Cake Break?

Is anyone getting involved in this?
My lovely team of Chefs have spent the day making cakes to sell tomorrow…I am quite overwhelmed by their support bless them!


Yes-I was at one on Tue thumbsup

Cupcakes donated by local woman-those that attended gave a small donation.

The woman that held it is houseboud so we went to her-6 of us-left over cakes were given to local police station in return for a donation.

Good luck with your day!

Ellie x

Yes I have a victoria sponge in the oven as I type. When that is done I will start on chocolate cake. Taking them to the local therapy centre tomorrow.

My boss saw the ads a few weeks back and has arranged a bake sale and raffle in the hospital I work in tomorrow. For staff and visitors so hoping for a good result :slight_smile:

I made 24 cupcakes for my  daugher's work she made £54.77 form the event in her office happy2


Ive made a springtime gingerbread house, full of chocolate Roses and will be raffled at our next MS Society meeting. Hopefully all will like it!

We raised just under £200 at work today. Everyone was brilliant :slight_smile:

Yayy we raised £145 yesterday…and the cakes were girt lush too…I know this because I am coming down off of a sugar high this morning after eating too many cupcakes last night lol x

Yeah!! we raised £250 at my wee house in scotland. thanku to all my friends and family, so so kind xxxx


I held my third Cake Break on Friday at work.  Many staff baked cakes, so did friends and family and I had spent the previous three evenings baking fruit cakes, ginger cake, orange, blueberry and polenta loaf cake, chocolate cakes, lemon cake, cupcakes and even a batch of gluten free cupcakes. I raffled off a box of 6 fresh raspberry cupcakes and sold 48 tickets at £1 each so that helped.  So far I have raised £275 and I have been selling leftovers to friends all weekend!  This is my best one yet so I'm chuffed to bits although it is tinged with sadness as my dear mum isn't here to see my success this year.  (She passed away suddenly on New Year's Eve from heart failure and I would love to share my success with her.)  Also one of her poor little cats had to be put to sleep on Friday as she was suffering from an aggressive cancer and dad couldn't leave her in pain.  Magic had been pining for Mum these past four months as she always sat by Mum's feet all day every day and was missing her terribly so I hope they are together now ♥.  So, it's been a roller coaster of a week and I'm exhausted and emotional.  

Anyway, I'm sure my local branch will be pleased with my efforts this year and I am glad to be giving something back.  When I was first diagnosed just over 3 years ago I really needed to talk to somebody face to face who understood what I was going through so I made contact and joined the Society back then.  Since then I have made some good friends in the area and been out to several social events so it's nice to give something back.  

Well done to everyone else who held one, I know what an effort it is but also how much fun it is too.