Successful Cake Break

I held my Cake Break at work on Friday, 23rd May. I picked the last day of half term as I have this week off to recover (and get the kitchen back into order!). I found the usual cloud of icing sugar on the cooker hood the following day :wink:

It was another success and I raised £237 at school selling to my colleagues - this is a pleasing amount as we had another round of redundancies last summer and each year we have less staff. Many of them donated cakes as well as buying raffle tickets, quiz sheets and making donations for the vast selection of cakes on offer. Most of the staff were really supportive of my big day except the office staff who were a bit busier as I wasn’t at my desk all day, so they had to field a couple of phone calls on my behalf and sign in/out all students arriving or leaving site. Some of them did come and buy some cakes a bit later on and dropped heavy hints about how busy they had been! Oops! It’s one day out of a whole year! My former line manager especially (who is manager of the office staff) had a face like thunder and did not join us in the staff room for the party like atmosphere!

I had some cakes left at the end of the day so I packaged them up and took them to my regular bingo session where I ‘came out’ and raised another £59. (There were only a few close friends at bingo that knew I have MS but my clumsiness and odd gait are making it hard to keep a secret so I thought I may as well be open about it and make some money at the same time :slight_smile: )

I have to make another cake today for my son to take into the newspaper tomorrow and he will also make a donation and I have some further donations promised this week from friends. I should finish at around £310 by the end of the week. Jamie is going to write an article about me for the local free paper at which he is a trainee journalist so I guess I really am ‘out’! If it’s a good article with a flattering picture of me, I will post a link. If it informs a few more people about MS then it can only be a good thing.

Tracey xx

well done tracey!!

i’m doing a cake bake in 2 weeks and i’m getting anxious about it now.

i usually make a lemon drizzle cake and its always delicious but i’m not so good at other cakes.

ah well, i’m holding it at a club that another local lady with ms goes to.

because my kitchen is tiny and my living/dining room is my sons warehouse for his ebay business.

(floor covered in bubble wrap!)

make sure that your son understands the importance of finding a flattering picture of you.

i was never vain but nowadays it matters quite a lot.

just dont wants to be seen as a victim. if anyone asks how i’m feeling, i say “fabulous”

carole xx

Thanks Carole

I always say I feel ‘fine’ on the bad days and ‘good’ on the good days.

I’m sure your Cake Break will go well. I raffled off a Peek-a-boo battenburg cake (a round one, you only see the pattern when you cut it) but the marzipan split on top as I had rolled it too thinly. The last time I made that cake I was high on steroids and it went really well. It’s not so easy without the steroids, ha ha. So it ended up with another piece of marzipan on the top. I did warn everyone but they still bought raffle tickets as they said they knew it would taste okay. I can bake really well but I’m not so good at decorating them. It doesn’t help that I can’t hold a piping bag for long as it cramps my hands up so I just spread buttercream with a palette knife these days. I have a freestanding mixer now which really helped with the making of the cakes this year. My arms weren’t hanging off by the end of the week.

Good luck with your Cake Break and make sure to update us when you’ve had it. You can’t beat a cuppa and a slice of something homemade to raise funds. It’s surprising how many people don’t bake so they love a cake when it’s been made by someone else.

Tracey xx